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12 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali

An international hotspot for yoga improves and hideaway cores, is the Indonesian island paradise of Bali. Picture inexhaustible jungles, wheeling turquoise motions, staggered rice-paddies, and a culture infused in spirituality. It’s no wonder Bali is becoming one of the top destinations worldwide to embark on a excursion of self-discovery, through a Yoga Teacher Training.

Find a multitude of unique tracks scattered across the island so you are able to detect a program to suit you. Choose from an array of thorough and accredited tracks by passionate schoolteachers from across the globe. Enrich your grooming knowledge by soaking up all the supernatural island has to offer and get ready to align with your move by becoming a yoga teacher.

Here are our top collects for a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.



All Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Nusa Lembongan $2950 USD


Peaceful Warriors Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Canguu $2500 USD


Samasti Transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Canggu $2748 USD


Power of Now Oasis Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Sanur $3100 USD


School Yoga Institute 200 hour Surf Mixed Yoga Teacher Training

Balian Beach $2450 USD


Peak Beings Travelling Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Keramas $4695 USD


Inner Yoga Vinyasa Yin Teacher Training

Ubud $3200 USD


School of Sacred Arts Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training

Ubud $3650 USD


Sannyas Yoga Academy Holistic Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

Uluwatu $2700 USD


Sadhana Yoga School Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Amed $3700 USD


Forrest Yoga Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

Ubud $4875 USD


Exhale Yoga Retreats Awakening Yoga Teacher Training

Balian Beach $5016 USD

1. All Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

all yoga ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training

All Yoga Teacher Training has been established since 2009, having drilled more than 2000 postgraduates worldwide, through a extensive and an authentic yoga educational program. Their stunning shala tells the sun’s rays filter through forest vegetation on the tropical island of Nusa Lembongan; based south-east of Bali.

Learn the foundational knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa and explore in depth other modern yoga modes such as Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Rocket Yoga aimed at devoting students a vast fortune of knowledge to bring to their classifies. Each era consists of physical practice session and teaches submerge important topics such as understandable functional dissection, the ancestries of yoga, yoga ideology, slight vigours, chakras, meditation, pranayama techniques, and much more. Practice and train with high-skilled schoolteachers in pleasurable paradise.

Find out how to build your online proximity, sharpen your market talents, and understand how to approach the business of yoga in an ethical road. Detect how to safely teach, render hand-on changes, adapt suitable modifications to students, and learn how to create inspiring class for all. As such courses is accredited by Yoga Alliance, graduates can use their qualification to teach in “their countries ” or in all regions of the world, so it’s up to you to decide where your job as a yoga teacher will take you!

On your dates off, go on an adventure by taking a kayak tour through the nonviolent mangroves or unwind on the soft beaches after channel-surf, snorkelling or diving. From the website you can also take a day trip to other nearby islands, such as Nusa Penida and check out its secluded lily-white beaches and turquoise sprays. Each platform fills up abruptly so enroll with the All Yoga Family today!

Location: Nusa Lembongan Price: $2950 USD Website: yoga-teacher-training-bali.html

2. Peaceful Fighter Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

the peaceful warriors yoga

Become a certified yoga coach in the picturesque sea town of Canguu on the southwest coast of Bali. Their adage for trainees is to’ pattern, explore, learn, flourish, connect, and smile’ so you can find your unique articulation as a brand-new coach. Their shala is set just minutes away from the sea so you’ll even have the opportunity to learn how to channel-surf in between study breaks.

Combine traditional Hatha Yoga with modern Vinyasa Yoga whilst learning how to create dynamic and rational strings for future students. Discover eternal wise, and yogic ideology bringing together Eastern and Western knowledge seamlessly, enabling you to increase your own understanding of yoga. Other different yoga modes such as Acro Yoga, FlyHigh, Yoga for Surfers, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra are also explored. Learn how to adapt years to learn different people, find out how to observe and understand mass, and delve into the prowes of adroit adjustments. Step into exploring Thai massage proficiencies, as well as other approaches. Join Peaceful Warriors Yoga Teacher Training for a trend that their teachers have poured their hearts into, to help you get the best start in your career.

Location: Canguu Price: $2950 USD Website:

3. Samasti Transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

samasti yoga

An intricate’ retreat-style’ track learn by high-trained professionals in Physiotherapy and Psychology. Each rehearsal concentrate on blending ancient logic from the East with the most recent developments, up to date obtains from the West. Uncover and expand on the deeper a number of aspects of a yoga practice whilst being closely guided by knowledge coaches. The intenses offered are open to all students, from apprentices to seasoned practitioners.

Traditional types of yoga such as Hatha and Ashtanga are explored primarily and other styles are incorporated, including Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, Sivanada Yoga, Acro Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Partner Yoga. During the training delve into yoga ethics and honesty, teaching methodology, and Ayurveda. Study utilized anatomy by exploring the consequences of the physical postures, breathing proficiencies; and what happens to the systems in the body as a result.

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Samasti Yoga have mental wellbeing and physiotherapy at the heart of all they do, whilst accommodating every program to each individual student so they can get the most out of their experience.

Location: Canggu Price: $2748 USD Website:

4. Power of Now Oasis Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

power of now oasis

Practice, study and learn in an eco-friendly bamboo yoga shala right on the sea in the pristine oasis of Sanur, Bali. By learning a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga what you’ll be able to teach once you’ve graduated will range from a dynamic spring to a set and soothing class suitable for all. 75 yoga postures are covered in the Asana section of the course, tolerating students to rehearsal and learn the safest and guys more efficient the changes and modifications. Gain in depth acquaintance from enthusiastic and international professors as they leader you through everything that you will need to have under your loop, to step into the world and give the knack of yoga.

As characterized professionals in yoga the program’s schoolteachers have developed the course over six years to cover asana, pranayama, musing, the art of sequencing, insidious mas anatomy, kriyas, yoga autobiography, and philosophy. Over the month-long set you’ll have castigates on innumerable yoga aspects from Pre/ upright natal yoga, Acro Yoga, Ariel Yoga, Sound Healing, and Ayurveda.

Karma Yoga is another important aspect of the course as it is in association with the regional Jodie O’Shea Orphanage and activities are involved with the children. Enjoy other unique events such as SUP yoga, a Balinese Ceremony, or a sunset sailing meditation.

Location: Sanur Price: $3100 USD Website:

5. School Yoga Institute 200 hour Surf Mixed Yoga Teacher Training

school yoga institute

Find a deep spiritual ability of relationship within yourself by delving into a direction with the School Yoga Institute. Fundamental parts of the course include, in depth adjustment and adjustment workshops, reflection, boosted personal pranayama practices, dissection study, physiology, business abilities, and root causes of yoga through philosophy.

Master two sequences based on a soothing Sivanada practice and an forceful breath-led Mystical Vinyasa Flow. Enrich your understanding with the Art of Teaching interactive castes so that you can create your own smart and safe sequences. This intensive course also focuses on aspects from both Balinese devotion and the Peruvian Medicine Wheel to help you help your conversion and growth. Gather with fellow students every evening to explore the working group reflection, kirtan chanting, and unique consecrated ceremonies.

Discover a like-minded parish as you learn, surf, disco, melody, and sing in the eventual tropical paradise.

Location: Balian Beach Price: $2450 USD Website:

6. Peak Beings Travelling Yin Yoga Teacher Training

peak beings yoga

Go on a fascinating pilgrimage during a Yin Yoga Teacher Training by wasting your time with a fierce facilitator across two enchanting ends in Bali. Have the unique experience of exploring is not merely the cultural centre of Ubud, but likewise at the rapturous Kermas Beach, in a top-rated recourse. During your undertaking in these unbelievable orientations you’ll knowledge how to bring together the spiritual a number of aspects of yoga and Bali into your rehearsal and your teaching.

As a program recognized by the Yoga Alliance, you’ll be able to expand on your knowledge of yoga constitutes, dissection, alignment, thinking, reflection, and you’ll be able to enrich your own self-development through other yogic procedures. Learn how to organization a 1.5 hour class, as well as gaining insight into how to step into marketing yourself as a yoga schoolteacher. Take your communication skills up a stage to motivate meaningful relationships with future students and within your personal relationships with others.

All cloths, accommodation, and dinners are included in the expenditure, leaving you able to focus on your route. After the training you’ll be considered to be in post-training reinforcement and contacts to help you find schooling tasks, giving you the confidence to live your dream.

Location: Keramas Price: $4695 USD Website:

7. Inner Yoga Vinyasa Yin Teacher Training

inner yoga

Join Inner Yoga for a fusion training course, gathered of studying and learning two different wordings of yoga that celebrate the Yin and Yang phases that we have within us. The direction is split in two with one percentage exploring liquid Vinyasa Yoga, whilst the other concentrate on reflection and traditional Chinese Medicine through Yin Yoga. Each period consists of two physical yoga practices, motivating castigates, helpful seminars, and regular learn discussions. With one day off every week, you can choose to undertaking into dazing Ubud, take a dip in the infinity kitty, or reinstate at the spa at the on-site Azadi Retreat Centre.

The curriculum dealt during the training will delve into key yoga postures, in-depth Anatomy and Physiology, Pranayama( breathing procedures ), Meditation traditions, Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Art of Sequencing, the sources of Yoga, and more. Detect how to marketplace yourself effectively as a teacher and what to watch out for whilst exploring the Business of Yoga.

Every course has between 10 -2 0 gaps available to give each student a personal experience with such courses professors. Receive an Inner Yoga gift bag on advent, complimentary airfield deliveries at scheduled experiences, and unlimited access to yoga equipment on website as part of the training package.

Bring offset into your organization, yoga practice, and life with a Yoga Alliance accredited intense with Inner Yoga.

Location: Ubud Price: $3200 USD Website:

8. School of Sacred Arts Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training

school sacred arts

Self-realisation, enjoy, and free are at the core of this unique excursion, and students are invited to step into a transformative and immersive know. Uncover the deeper spiritual elements of yoga with experienced and caring educators. Find your own singer as a teach as you learn how to practice learning straight away, letting you enhance and expand on your natural gifts.

Practice Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga wordings to give you a well-rounded and comprehensive yoga education, whilst delving into facets of other heritages. Explore Shamanisim and yoga at its origin, and conducted an investigation into traditional yogic patterns, including purifying Kriya habits, breathing skills, as well as a multitude of different meditation tools. Industrious and physical chassis will be taught along with alignment gratuities, modifications, and sequencing to facilitate students develop ready to teach at health professionals tier. Added topics covered include: Pre-Natal, Yoga Activism, Ayurveda, Nutrition, and The Industrious of Yoga.

The training is based at the world-renowned yoga studio and hideaway centre, The Yoga Barn. As a centre for many international educators the course draws upon guest educators at service centres are in place to share their experience and lore. Cuddle your full possible and feel inspired by the natural encircling attractivenes of Bali.

Location: Ubud Price: $3650 USD Website:

9. Sannyas Yoga Academy Holistic Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

sannyas yoga academy

Discover how to authentically leader yourself and others by increasing your inner associate as you assemble a program with Sannyas Yoga Academy. Find out the essential elements of yoga to give you a clear tendency and purpose in your learn. The prime focus of this training is to enhance and steer your own personal and spiritual conversion. Sannyas Yoga Academy take a artistic coming to traditional Yoga and Meditation practises to help you find empowerment, gist, happy, liberty, and fulfillment.

This training is open to anyone who is ready to explore a deeper be informed about yoga and cosmo. The implements you’ll discover will help you apply them to your personal and professional relationships as well as fertilizing important aspects of your health and spirituality.

Study Creative Sequencing, Neuroscience, Universal Connection, Intentional Living, and Heart-Centered Teaching. Other topics such as yoga doctrine, ancient text, concepts of Dharma and Karma, and how to live a yogic lifestyle are explored. Discover unique practices, healing cliques, innovative flow, and so much more. Truly learn how helpful learn yoga is and how your belief can be of service to others. A multitude of Yoga practices are plastered during this training including various techniques from Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra, and Shamanic traditions.

Wake up in beautiful adaptation by the coast and explore the pristine range of Uluwatu. In your free time adventure out into the tides, learn how to surf, croak snorkelling, try SUP Yoga, or take it all in with stunning ocean views from the cliffs above.

Take the lessons you’ll learn off your mat and out into the world. Awaken your potential and share your affection of yoga with others.

Location: Uluwatu Price: $2700 USD Website:

10. Sadhana Yoga School Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

sadhana yoga

Reconnect by knowing your genuine soul, deepen your relationships with others, and look at the world around you with brand new sees. Learn how to balance the outer and internal natures, physically and energetically in a tropical and peaceful haven during this course.

This training immerses students in a yogic lifestyle with daily radical musings, physical rules, and in-depth philosophical discussions permitting a penetrating journey of organization, memory, and feel. Study physical postures, reflection, breath-work, singing, yoga philosophy, the yogic diet, anatomy, and Ayurveda. Delve into the artistry of sequencing and help and how to enter into the yoga marketplace. The traditional pattern of Ashtanga Vinyasa is explored through the Sadhana Vinyasa Flow as well as with the Sadhana Hatha Flow coming from the Sivananda tradition.

On your daytimes off slip into the slow tempo of smothering Bali by loosening on the coast just a few stairs away from your accommodation, or take a dip into the glittering Indian Ocean. If you are feeling more adventurous connect to the island’s culture with day trips out to discover neighbourhood churches, artistries, and monuments.

Give yourself a strong foundation to start teaching in a calming paradise and get ready to share your obsession for yoga with the world.

Location: Amed Price: $3700 USD Website:

11. Forrest Yoga Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

forest yoga

As one of the world’s most recognised and preceding yoga schoolteachers, Ana Forrest has over 44 years of ordeal doctrine and steering both students and educators across the globe. Train with Ana and her co-teacher Jose Calarco at the international yoga and withdraw core, The Yoga Barn.

Gain personal and professional raise as you explore going within to find your true-life soul as you start the rousing wander of becoming a yoga teach. Aspects flooded on the course include, dynamic yoga practices, taken together with traumata, learning the principles of the rule of class sequencing for advanced constitutes, pranayama, chanting, and addressing needs of your future students.

As a key organization in Forrest Yoga this training will too help you uncover the resources necessary to instructor your own rehearsal as well as your own needs. A 3-day Anatomy course and a 1-day Business course is also included. Find freedom in your own organization, judgment, and flavor as you mend and convert with Forrest Yoga.

Location: Ubud Price: $4875 USD Website:

12. Exhale Yoga Retreats Awakening Yoga Teacher Training

exhale yoga retreat

Leave behind your suspicions and find the daring to live their own lives to its fullest possible by taking a teaching platform with Exhale Retreats. Designed to help you detect your own individual tone as a schoolteacher, you’ll learn how to awaken the ability within so that you can lead exciting and instructive yoga classes.

As a thorough and a progressive trend, you’ll expand on your yoga learning whilst creating a strong foundation to become a self-confident yoga coach. Study in depth topics including; Asana and Sequencing, Anatomy and Physiology, Pranayama and Meditation, Yoga History, Philosophy, Ethics, Sanskrit and Mantras, as well as the Business of Yoga.

At the heart of this training is understanding the bio-mechanics of yoga postures as well as how to create adroit, effective, and safe strings. With Asana Labs and daily teaching rehearse, you’ll be able to give your students the very best knowledge immediately following you start teach. Learn how to assist your students with modifications, the implementation of its props, oral cues, and helping hands-on adjustments.

Challenge yourself to go deeper into your own practice as you detect who you truly are and stimulate your coaching dreams a reality. Desire to evolve and facilitate others do the same by sharing how to open up to more love, confidence, mettle, lucidity, and happiness.

Location: Balian Beach Price: $5016 USD Website:

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