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4 Cardinal Rules of Clean Eating

Are You Breaking the Rules?

Clean eating is no joke. Processed and contaminated foods may be clogging your arteries and saturating you with harmful hormones and chemicals. Ditch these “frankenfoods” for whole, clean foods that nourish your body the way nature intended. Nutrition expert Tosca Reno, author of the Eat Clean Diet, has developed these four rules to help you eat clean and revitalize your health.

Find out if you’re really following the rules…

Rule 1: No Processed Food

Our bodies are designed to eat foods in their whole, natural state. Eating tons of foods that have been refined and heavily processed, often with added preservatives, coloring and other chemicals, can damage your health, zap your energy and pack on pounds. Get rid of packaged, processed foods and opt instead for whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed meats and dairy.

Rule 2: Know What to Buy Organic

Some non-organic foods are laden with pesticides and hormones that can poison your health. However, not all non-organic foods are dangerous. For example, strawberries have essentially no protective layer and a high pest rate – so they tend to be coated in pesticides. Asparagus, in contrast, isn’t usually attacked by pests, and is a much safer bet. Generally, you can follow this simple rule: If you’re going to eat the peel, you should buy organic.


If you’re going to eat the peel, you should buy organic.


Rule 3: Make Your Water Better

Everyone knows water is good for you (and free of calories), but boosting it with some electrolytes can keep you better hydrated. Add a pinch of sea salt and half a lemon to an 8-ounce glass of water. The minerals from the salt will help your body hold onto the water for longer, and the lemon will add a tasty zest. Drink three of these a day to stay energized all day long.

Rule 4: Eat at Home

The easiest way to cut processed foods out of your diet is to eat at home. When you make your own food from whole, natural ingredients, you know exactly what’s in it and don’t have to worry that you’re ingesting a potentially toxic combination of hidden chemicals. It can be quick and simple to make meals at home that can last you all week.

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