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5 Reasons To Join A Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal

If you’ve been following us now at All Yoga on social media or through our website you’ll know that we’ve recently included another location to our 200 hr yoga teacher training programs; this time giving you a European option, in the beautiful old municipality of Ericeira, Portugal.

Why Portugal, you might ask? Well, while we still love our Bali and Thailand locales and their unique appeals, there are definitely benefits, for you as a student, to training in Europe, and Portugal in particular.

Read on to discover 5 reasonableness to join a yoga teacher training in Portugal this year…

1. It could save you fund!

Although teachings in Europe tend to be slightly more expensive* than in India, for example, overall you could end up saving money( if you currently live in Europe) since flights within Europe are far cheaper than long-haul flights, especially to favourite sightseer destinations, or compared to flights that require a stopover. In addition, you’ll save money by not expecting a visa, and on sudden overheads such as vaccinations.

* However, at All Yoga, our Portugal training is the same cost as our Bali and Thailand trainings, so it’s even best available!

2. Convenience

While travelling in Asia, or further afield, can be an incredible experience, it does come with its own set of both the challenges and generally necessitates a lot of forward projecting. Not merely checking whether you need things like visas and vaccinations, for example, and planning for the weather( extremely if it’s monsoon season !), but too attaining sure you have enough time either surface of the training- bearing in mind long proceeding meter, go inconsistencies, and that you might want to arrive a date early- which means you might need to ask for more time off from handiwork, or away from family and home commitments, compared to doing your education closer together. As well as being much more quickly to get to, there are so many flights in and around Europe that the chances of finding a flight at accurately the time/ era you prefer are much higher than for long-haul flights where you are at the compassion of large-hearted airline companies.

3. Familiarity and safety

If you don’t have much know-how of solo hasten or backpacking, then manager off by yourself to Asia or somewhere more’ tropical’ could be quite a daunting firstly know, especially as a female. While all solo wander comes with risk, passing within Europe is obviously far safer for solo female travelers, and could render you a gentle introduction to the joy of solo wander, rather than throwing you in the deep end!

Besides the safety aspect, if you’re someone who enjoys their home solaces, then you might prefer a training in Portugal, where you know exactly what to expect in terms of accommodation, and, let’s be honest, lavatories( e.g. not having to wonder what on earth you’re supposed to do with that shower top arranged next to the loo …?! Or whether it’s ok to even the working paper down the toilet !)!

Similarly, if you don’t experience spicy nutrient, or prefer to avoid’ Delhi belly'( an inevitable part of travelling in most of Asia !), then a yoga training in Portugal gives you all the benefits yoga-wise, but with the familiarity and ease of European food alternatives. Speaking of’ Delhi-belly ‘, if something does go wrong, and you pick up a imperfection for example, then you might feel more comfortable being closer to home, where you have access to often the same labels of remedy as you have at home, in any regional pharmacy.

4. It could be more environmentally friendly!

If you are concerned about your climate footprint, or simply don’t experience flying, then doing your training in Portugal could be a much more environmentally friendly option than training in Asia, since Europe is so well-connected by public transport, particularly by train. While the study can sometimes work out more expensive than flying, there are still deals to be had, peculiarly if you blend your yoga instruct with walking around Europe, by getting an interrailing pass, for example, or by reserve in advance. Check out the great website www.seat6 1. com for costs, precise timetable and routes.

5. Explore Portugal and Europe

If you’ve never to Portugal before, this could be an amazing opportunity to explore what this laid-back country has to offer whilst getting your yoga teacher training certification! Europe is known for offering something to suit everybody- from beautiful aged historic towns, to thriving cosmopolitan municipals, grey sandy seas, sunshine, vineyards and woodlands- and Portugal is no exception. For biography buffs, there’s the picture-postcard town of Obidos, famed for its neighbourhood cherry liqueur- Ginjinha d’Obidos- which is served in a chocolate bowl( yum !), while for the city-slickers, Lisbon is posh, laid-back, and with a great food scene. Not to mention the seas for which Portugal is famous! But perhaps you didn’t know that Portugal is also a surfer’s paradise; all along the coast you can find surf and kite-surfing class offering assignments or gear rental, and if you stay on until October, head up the coast to the area around Peniche and Nazare where the big international channel-surf competitors are held each year.

Alternatively, you could combine your training in Portugal with roaming around Europe, exploring the best of this beautiful, historic continent. As referred to earlier, Europe is extremely well-connected by rail, so proceeding around is easy, economical, and safe, with interrailing has become a common’ spread year’ know for young Europeans. From Lisbon you could easily take the overnight improve to Madrid, and continue exploring Spain, or you could take the train north to San Sebastian or even up into Southern France, and from here explore France or front to Paris for more connections to London, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Diet commencing from as little as EUR3 3 if you book in advance! Head to www.seat6 1. com for more information.

reasons join portugal yoga teacher training

So there you have it, 5 grounds to join a yoga teacher training in Portugal! If you’ve decided that Portugal is the destination for you, check out our new 200 hr training in the quant old-fashioned township of Ericeira starting in September 2020. But if the appeal of South East Asia still maintains strong, “weve had” our educations in Bali and Thailand starting back in October 2020, so plenty of opportunities for you to get your yoga teaching certification this year, and finish 2020 having ascertain new knowledge, obligated new friends, and altered your life for the better!


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