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8 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings In Europe

So you’ve decided you want to continue your yoga outing by undertaking a teacher training; first off, you’ve made the best choice! Whether you want to teach or not, doing a yoga teacher training( ytt) will not only improve your own yoga practice, but also it will give you invaluable tools to radically convert your health and life( and the lives of those around you ), and you will be guaranteed to make friends for life.

Traditionally most people immediately think of India or South East Asia when considering a ytt- and of course these plazas have their advantages( and weakness !)- but you maybe didn’t know that there are a host of immense yoga schools right on your doorstep, here in Europe, that offer trainings in traditional yoga wordings, but with all the Western consolations and amenities. While these courses might not be any cheaper than in Asia( in fact, they tend to be more expensive than India ), bear in mind that you will save money on airfare and visas( if you currently live in Europe ), and you don’t need to worry about things like vaccinations. If you are not that used to solo travel, or not as pleasant with venturing further afield, this could be a great option for you.

But how to sieve through all the options out there? We have restricted down the search for you, with our handpicked list of the best yoga teacher training courses in Europe.



All Yoga Training


EUR2 950


Samvid Yoga


EUR3 512* Covid price


Anapnoe Yoga


EUR2 680/2970/ 4680


Love Evolve Awaken


EUR2 680/2970/ 4680


Gayatri Yoga


EUR2 100


Durga’s Tiger School

Greece, Germany, Spain

EUR2 820( Spain ), EUR2 874( Berlin ), EUR3 580( Greece)


Fit Yoga


EUR2 990


Frog Lotus Yoga International


EUR3 365/5570

1. All Yoga Training

all yoga teacher training

Since 2009, All Yoga has civilized more than 2000 graduates worldwide through their thorough and comprehensive yoga training programme, which focuses particularly on the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. You will have the chance to deepen and explore your own physical tradition, with daily conducted and Mysore-style practice, as well as daily lectures on important topics such as functional chassis, yoga biography and thinking, reflection, pranayama, and much more. You will too have the opportunity to explore other yoga wordings such as Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Rocket Yoga, and taught to creatively sequence your own world-class. Skillfully merging East and West knowledge, you will also learn how to set up your yoga business, develop your commerce skills and online presence, and understand the moralities of yoga schooling. There is also an emphasis on safe, hands-on readjustments, and offering suitable modifications to your students. As this course is accredited by Yoga Alliance, you will be all set up to start teaching in your different countries, or abroad, upon graduation.

With directions frequently taking place in Thailand and Bali, this is the firstly improving All Yoga is offering in Portugal, at the showy Olive3 Yoga Retreat Centre in Ericeira age-old township. With a limit of 16 students per course, recognises fill up swiftly, so diary your infinite asap( plus, there is an amazing early bird discount if you book now for September !).

Key levels: Come out with a place sequence( Modified Primary Sequence) so you can start teaching immediately! Increased emphasis on schooling abilities so you feel confident to begin schooling straight off Lively locale( going length to coasts, patronizes, and rails) Food is not included, so you can choose what you want to eat

Location: Portugal Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Offers: 200 hr Price: EUR2 950 Website: https :// yoga-teacher-training-portugal.html


2. Samvid Yoga

samvid yoga teacher training

Samvid renders a 300 hr multi-style training on the smaller, remote island of Iz, in Croatia. Set in a truly unique and stunning location, this training gives you the chance to experience Tibetan yoga and Vipassana meditation, as well as a one day fast and silent retreat. With a really impressive teaching team, and its beautiful orientation, this training gapes certainly worth every penny. They have lowered their rates 20% at the moment due to COVID1 9 so take advantage of this great discount!

Key degrees: Tibetan yoga Vegan snacks 1 day fasting and silence Vipassana meditation Yoga verse Teachers have great deal of knowledge in psychology, and are well-known in Scandinavian yoga macrocosm Living close to sort

Location: Croatia Style: Multi( Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, restorative, Tibetan yoga) Offers: 200 hr Price: EUR3 512* Covid price Website: https ://

3. Anapnoe Yoga

anapnoe yoga teacher training

If you are looking to combine your ytt with an astounding sunny getaway then this might be the training for you! Located on the beautiful Greek island of Paros, Anapnoe yoga disciplines sharpens especially on Ayurveda, Chakra theory, and Vinyasa Krama yoga. Led by the school’s founder, Irana Ji An, the 200 hr teach gives you a solid foundation in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, and a starting point to continue your learning in the field of yoga therapy.

Key details: Emphasis on Ayurveda and Chakra theory Classes on Vinyasa Krama, gestation yoga Beautiful site Most expensive for 300 hrs

Location: Greece Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/ Vinyasa Krama Offers: 100 hr/ 200 hr/ 300 hr Price: EUR2 680/2970/ 4680 Website: https ://

4. Love Evolve Awaken

love evolve awaken yoga teacher training

Love Evolve Awaken’s 200 hr teacher training is not like most other ytts; for this reason their website moods straight off that training programs ” are not for everyone “! There is much more focus on the spiritual and philosophical feature to yoga, which would therefore appeal to anyone who was looking to go on a journeying of self-discovery, rather than merely looking to gain a qualification. While the course still embraces the usual asana and anatomy modules, there are also opportunities to try brand-new and unusual practices such as tantra( no nudity involved !), a weekly cacao kirtan ceremony, the use of a vapor bath and sauna, and weekend outings to nearby lieu such as Pisa. There is also an additional 4 era module included in the price, which conversions according to the dates choice; you can choose from Ayurveda, Bhakti, or a speechless withdraw. The teachers and benefactors of the school truly’ stroll the step ‘, and have a wealth of suffer in reflection, tantra and bhakti yoga. If you demand a life-changing experience, this is the training to choose. While the course is more expensive than most other 200 hr trainings, it does comprise 33 days( while other 200 hr improves tend to be only around 21 daytimes ). They are also offering a special, limited-time-only, deduction due to COVID1 9, so bible soon!

Key degrees: Not cheap, but has more epoches( 33) than other 200 hr tracks( there are actually 250 hours in total) More spiritual than other trends Cacao ceremonies, mantra and kirtan one day workshop on Tantra and relationships 4 date module either: Silent retreat; Bhakti module; or Ayurveda Small radical sizes( up to 12) Sauna seminars and weekend excursions to Pisa etc. Optional Glamping( more expensive )!

Location: Italy( Tuscany) Style: Tantrik yoga, Hatha, Kundalini Offers: 200 hr Price: EUR2 680/2970/ 4680 Website: https ://

5. Gayatri Yoga

gayatri yoga teacher training

Despite being the cheapest of all the 200 hr educates listed here, Gayatri’s 200 hr rehearsal still shields all that is a 200 hr should, including an introduction to Ayurveda and yoga care. Accommodation is included in the expenditure but meat is not; on the other hand, the school states that the kitchen is so well-equipped you shouldn’t need to buy much additional food. Flights to Tenerife from mainland Europe also tend to be reasonable, so this could be a great budget option, whilst still giving you the feel of an island getaway.

Key qualities: Cheapest( however, it is self-catering) Small group sizing( 12 max) Female merely adaptation Classes in Ayurveda and yoga therapy

Location: Spain( Tenerife) Style: Hatha, Vinyasa Offers: 200 hr Price: EUR2 100 Website: http ://

6. Durga’s Tiger School

durga tiger school yoga teacher training

The 200 hr training offered by Durga’s Tiger School in Europe is unique in numerous considers. The train is located primarily on Kaula Tantra yoga, a model of yoga that involves longer touches( of asanas) in a slower overflow, with less increased emphasis on’ compensate’ adjustment and more space for individual phrase. Students are also coached Ayurvedic walking massage, partner yoga, kundalini, related tantric sense, and shamanism, and have the opportunity of exploring their imaginative back through express prowess, mantra and dance. With links to the ZEGG community in Berlin, there is also a strong emphasis on open communication( with weekly’ talking attach’ circles, etc .), and memorize how to listen to others and to create open, all-inclusive spaces of the assistance provided. While the course is a kind of the most expensive options( especially their Greek training ), this truly is a unique course that presents a lot more than a simple teaching qualification.

Key stations: Most expensive for 200 hr( in Greece)+ for Greece only 2 meals included, lunch is extra; Spain includes 3 snacks Slower flows/ comprises, less increased emphasis on how pose’ should be considered ‘/ alignment Classes on chakras, sacred virility and the relationship with yoga, kundalini utilizations, marriage yoga, awareness handle, Durga’s tiger Dance, skills, shamanism, yogic saunter massage

Location: Greece( Corfu ), Germany( Berlin ), or Spain( Granada) Style: Kaula Tantra yoga, Expressive Arts, Shamanism Offers: 200 hr Price: EUR2 820( Spain ), 2874( Berlin ), 3580( Greece) Website: https ://

7. Fit Yoga

fit yoga teacher training

If a strong, aerobics-style yoga practice is more up your street, then this might be the training for you! Set on the beautiful island of Malta, this course allows you to teach the’ Fit yoga’ located 90 -minute sequence( a mix of Power Vinyasa and Pilates, created by the school’s owned and benefactor, Balazs Heller ). In addition, you will also have workshops in Pilates, Ayurveda, and raw vegan nutrition, plus the opportunity to attain your rank 1 Reiki certificate! A well-rounded course that provides you with a solid foundation to not only teach yoga and Pilates, but too the chance to learn other abilities, which might peculiarly appeal to someone wanting to become a life coach, for example.

Key parts: Be able to teach a determine 90 hour’ fityoga’ sequence Learn Pilates core workouts Learn raw vegan nutrition Increase Reiki tier 1 certificate( included in price) Workshop in Ayurveda and sound healing

Location: Malta Style: “FitYoga”( strength vinyasa+ Pilates)& Reiki statu 1 Offers: 200 hr Price: EUR2 990 Website: https ://

8. Frog Lotus Yoga International

frog lotus yoga international teacher training

Led by the school’s founder, Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, who has over 40 years’ learn suffer, the 200 hr training at Frog Lotus is a very thorough, traditional training in Vinyasa flow, can be found at the beautiful Suryalila retreat centre in Southern Spain. For those looking for a detailed, traditional coming to yoga, but who are not able to study in India, this might be the course for you. This is one of the most expensive options for 200 hrs, although the housing is more’ high-end'( even the dorm room examines plush !) and all dinners are included.

Key tops: Highly suffered lead educator Traditional syllabus Introduction to basic Hatha, prenatal and restorative yoga One of more expensive for 200 hr

Location: Spain( Andalusia) Style: Vinyasa Offers: 200 hr/ 300 hr Price: EUR3 365/5570 Website: https ://

I hope this has shown you that you don’t need to travel far for a life-changing experience, and that there are some really great options closer together. Having weighed up all the factors such as cost and how long you have to spend on a teaching, opt the training that reverberates most with you, trust your gut feeling, and is a well-known fact that, whichever teach you choose, it will be a valuable, if not life-changing, event that will help you mold you as a teach and student of yoga.


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