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9 Best Places to Practice Yoga in Bali – 2019

Looking to sign up for yoga teacher training in Bali, or already on your channel? All Yoga Training( AYT) is set instantly on the beautiful shorings of what is known as the Island of the Gods. With its tropical environment, stunning beaches, and genuine culture, Bali is a renowned destination for yoga in all forms. To get the details on our beautiful Bali location visit our sheet.

With countless studios set across the island, it’s not difficult to find excellence tradition before heading toward your learn. All Yoga Training recommends having at least 6 months of compatible yoga practice before qualify begins. So if you’re venturing out to Bali for jaunt before forming your lane to Nusa Lembongan( our AYT Bali location) and you want to keep up with your rule, why not try using best available studios Bali has to offer?

Although AYT is chiefly based on Ashtanga Vinyasa, that doesn’t mean you need to alone stick to practicing one type of yoga. There are many different types of studios around the island, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that are appropriate your vibe. Lucky for you, I’ve planned out the Top 9 Good Yoga Studios in Bali to offset your jaunts a little easier! Identify you in Bali!


This lovely city amongst rice fields, forest, and creeks is one of the most popular yoga destinations on Bali. The regionals are the nicest beings in the world- no, dangerously, they certainly are! Enjoy tabernacles, health meat, ceremonies, and entertaining expat events while you’re here!

1. The Yoga Barn

The world-renowned Yoga Barn has the most extensive various forms of holistic provides besides yoga courses, such as rubs, acupuncture, astrology, cleansing and detoxification, and much more!

At the Garden Kafe, you will surely meet new friends for life, and don’t miss the weekly joyful disco( Friday nights and Sunday mornings) for a truly heart-opening knowledge!

When it comes to yoga, you have a multitude of first-class to choose from, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, with various modes of reflection and sigh run. Their planned has over 15 daily world-class that you can choose from! The courses are suitable for all levels, with particular attention paid to introductory elevations with possibilities for more intermediate classes.

If this is your first time seeing Yoga Barn, we most recommend experiencing these world-class!

Vinyasa flow with Bex Tyrer, reflection( or kirtan !) with Punnu Wasu, shamanic breath work with Levi Banner, or yin yoga with Tina Nance!

Because of its motley, you get the most of both physical and spiritual rehearsals at Yoga Barn. And should you feel a strong connection to any of the schoolteachers, the majority of them give teacher trainings on a yearly basis.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

2. Radiantly Alive

Located in the centre of Ubud, Radiantly Alive prides themselves on the adage” Come for yoga, bide for kinfolk ,” and that is just what it feels like, a huge welcoming category. There is a strong connection between student and coach, and the quality of their gives is to give you “the worlds largest” versed and explorative castes you can get!

Radiantly Alive also offers physical, emotional, and spiritual healing periods, such as acupuncture, astrology, colonics, craniosacral therapy and more!

With 3 shalas, they have an thorough planned, where you can choose between Ashtanga, dynamic RA Vinyasa, Yin, myofascial move, Hatha, Restorative, Acro, and Aerial yoga!

Radiantly Alive often hosts world-renowned yoga coaches such as Dylan Werner and Meghan Currie with special workshops and world-class, so keep an eye out for that while “youre here”!

To immerse yourself in this studio and learn more about your practise and the philosophy of yoga, take a few classifies with James Mattingley, whose vast knowledge of human chassis will surely give you food for thought! If you want to experience a very unique and progressive coming towards figure and flow, Carlos Tao offers flow world-class with his passionate energy.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

3. Intuitive Flow

This studio is situated in the wonderful arena of Penestanan( Ubud) and deems one of “the worlds largest” fantastic judgments from a shala in city. Offering various modes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and musing periods, Intuitive Flow is a great studio if you want to immerse yourself in a more intimate settled and smaller classes.

With both international and neighbourhood professors, you have an opportunity to delve deeper into your rehearse and make a strong connection with the yoga community that Intuitive Flow has.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

4. Ubud Yoga Centre

Looking for something a little different? Ubud Yoga Centre, located a short 5 instant drive from the culture-rich, yoga affectionate, Ubud Village, is unlike any other studio in Bali. Two texts: Urban. Jungle. The structure alone is quite a website to see. Focusing on sustainability and green-living, the Centre works solar battery to provide themselves with vigour, and hands the plethora power to their community. The walls are made of cement for an city vibe, but that doesn’t mean they have a shortage of views- the forest facing place is built with Indonesian reached glass blockings, which stand all of the natural illuminate to spurt into the apartments creating an open and extraordinary seat. The chunks are also environmentally friendly and power efficient. They use bamboo flooring in the studios, and recycled rubber flooring in their high-impact cavities according to their website.

Let’s get back to why you’re here though- yoga. Ubud Yoga Centre offers some of the more peculiar styles of yoga in Bali, like Bikram Yoga, Fly High Yoga, Inferno Yoga, and even kids yoga if you’re traveling with house! They too furnish Ashtanga, yin, and hatha for all levels. No matter what kind of yoga you are looking for you are sure to find it at the Yoga Centre. Their founder, Mony Suriani, has been featured on National TV, newspapers, and stores across Indonesia. She opened the studio hoping to provide beings with an flee to their actualities to become health like she did when she left their own lives as a Financial Analyst. Formerly you’re done with class, top over to their coffeehouse for a smoothie container, fresh liquor, or a locally sourced clean snack! There’s also a wine-colored rail, if everything of that wasn’t already enough to sell you on it!


This bustling township by the coast merely north-west of Seminyak and Kuta is ever-growing with its offerings of conscious and healthy living and yoga studios. Just an hour south of Ubud, this city has a lot to volunteer in terms of skill, community, coast and channel-surf, and too what you are looking for – yoga!

5. The Practice

While being a moderately brand-new studio, Octavio Salvado and The Practice has established itself to be one of the main studios in Canggu to furnish yoga to the community. With its slogan “Mindless vinyasa is dead” The Practice dignities itself on offering usual Hatha yoga with a strong emphasis on the philosophy of yoga, where the classes are basically attentive advance in connection to gulp. Having yearly teacher trainings, including several online grades and conferences, a vast planned of different vogues and coaches, kirtan, community talks, coaching, and other events, The Practice is one of the go-to targets for redoubling your yoga practice in Canggu!

Experience the lengthy acquaintance from inspirational and dedicated teachers such as Octavio Salvado and Nik Robson, whose classifies array from classical Hatha to immersive Yin.

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

6. Samadi

Samadi is a yoga oasis in this coastal surfer township, with yoga, a charisma organic coffeehouse and patronize, hosting a lovely Sunday Market with fresh fruits, veggies and locally uttered displays. With weekly euphoric disco and different workshops, Samadi has a great variety of contests and happenings for your please! Mainly based on Ashtanga, Samadi hosts suffered schoolteachers such as Mark Robberds for immersions and workshops.

Their daily schedule legions various daily categorizes with both active and more restorative yin classes, with an international group of dedicated schoolteachers. If you are searching for a strong community of Ashtanga-based students, Samadi is the place!

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training

7. Desa Seni

Daily yoga practices, personal retreats, and a holistic spa- these are all things you can find at the absolutely stunning Desa Seni village resort. From their peculiar wooden homes backpack with cultural artifacts, to their farm-to-table organic dining suffer, Desa Seni really has it all. Boasting a Five-Star rating on Trip Advisor, it’s not hard to tell why people batch to Desa Seni for their yoga practice. Pinpointed in Southern Canggu, the used is available to a short taxi ride. They are Yoga Alliance verified with experienced and enthusiastic yoga instructors who will coach you everything from Vinyasa, Master Class, Restorative, Yin, Alignment and Adjustment, to meditation. Desa Seni allows the public to attend their class for IDR 140,000, and eat at their amazing restaurant. They equip any rig you require, as well as free lemongrass tea!

After you’ve attended one of their countless yoga classes, you can take a dip in their refreshing fund surrounded by an ultimate oasis before manager into another. If you choose to stay at their used, all daily yoga castes are FREE to accompanied! That’s a great deal! Practice in their open and airy yoga shala, and take a walk through one of their numerous colorful plots while surrounding yourself with like-minded adventurers. Desa Seni is so versatile that anyone looking to take a yoga class in Bali will feel fulfilled after a tour!

Best Places Practice Yoga Bali Teacher Training


8. Yoga 108 Bali

Their studio is in the absolutely stunning Seminyak, near Canggu, where some of Bali’s most glorious seas and outraging sunsets are. Seminyak has only one upscale vibe, where you can find countless high-end shops, spas, and resorts. There are also beautiful secluded seas, and some of best available restaurants Bali has to offer with a lively nightlife.

After you’re done loosening on bean-bags under colorful umbrellas in the sand, heading over to Yoga 108 Bali for one of their walk-in castes Monday- Saturday. They volunteer a wide variety of categories, such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. The founder, Sagi Jessie Degon, opened Yoga 108 in 2014 and was trained in India. One of their other educators, Stephanie, learns a strenuous Vinyasa Flow same to what she learned “when shes” trained in Los Angeles, California. Don’t worry about not having a rug either, they add rugs, bricks, and clean towels if you’re on the go! Their website is laid out very simply, you can find class schedules, tolls, and the location.


9. Athaya Studio Bali

Feeling spiritual? This studio believes that yoga is a” favor of insight” deriving from the meaning of Athaya-‘ offering’ or’ consecrating ‘. They focus on the internal, holistic the consequences of yoga, and offer super inexpensive classifies while they’re at it. Their numerous classes are in the morning and afternoon at the low-spirited pace of IDR 40,000. Athaya Studio has an inviting, and modern vibe to it, with classrooms that are able fit up to sixty students! With eleven different experienced yoga professors, the amount of love and insight is definite at this studio.

Yoga isn’t the only occasion they furnish; wind down after class with one of their revitalize rubs, check out their place, imbibe some free fresh liquid, or even take a selfie in their” selfie reces “. Athaya Studio is located in the capital of Bali, Denpasar, which is the gateway to the rest of the island, the excellent residence to drop in once you arrive and start your yoga journey.

So there you have it! 9 superb studios to explore and try using on your Bali adventure! We hope that you find a studio and coaches that truly resonate with you!

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