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9 Simple Ways to Sneak in Yoga While Traveling

Bring Your Practice With You!

We can all agree that traveling, although exciting, takes a toll on our bodies and often with vacations comes indulgence, which can leave us sluggish and tired. You know, in dire need of a yoga class!

But just because you are traveling doesn’t mean  you can’t bring your practice with you–you just might have to modify it, be flexible, and be self-accepting that your practice may not look the way you expect it to–which is a yoga practice in and of itself!

Follow these tips so you can stay centered and balanced so you can make the most of your trip!

1. Take Your Practice Public

Don’t be shy, allow your inner yogi to shine! It is liberating to practice yoga in public places! If you have a long layover or want to prepare for a lengthy flight, do some sun salutations and warrior poses in the airport. If you do not want to be on the floor, try a standing series of tree and dancers pose to balance your hips. Breathing exercises are a great way to prepare for a flight. Try breath of fire, equal inhalations and exhalations through the nose as you gently pump your navel.

2. Create A Yoga Soundtrack

Create a playlist of calming music that puts you in a peaceful mindset that you can listen to when  you are on a plane or a train. If you find that the recycled air in the plane bothers you, try bringing a scarf and put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it, lavender is very relaxing.

3. Engage your third eye

AKA the space in between your eyebrows in order to stay present and expand your awareness while you are out marveling at the sites. Breathe and concentrate your attention on your third eye or two inches back into the center of your head. This practice will heighten your awareness of your surroundings, while allowing you to stay aware of yourself as the experiencer. When focused on two points of awareness, you do not lose yourself in your surroundings; you remain present as you take in the divine beauty all around you.

4. Make time for Sadhana

Your daily spiritual practice is important to bring with you wherever you go so can connect with your authentic self. Sadhana is best practiced between 4 and 7 am, this is a time when the mind is most quiet and it is easy to meditate. However, when  you’re on the road, keep it short and simple, say 10 – 30 minutes. Do some sort of Sadhana whether it is yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. Any effort to connect your individual mind with the universal mind will be rewarded.

5. Try restorative yoga to help you sleep better

It can be hard to sleep in different beds and surroundings when traveling, especially the first night you arrive somewhere new. A try few restorative poses such as: knees-to-chest, legs-up-the-wall, simple cross-legged seated pose and supported seated forward bend. Take time for a restorative night practice so you can sleep better and wake up fresh and ready for the day.

6. Bring your yoga mat with you!

If you plan to spend the day outside and weather is nice, bring your yoga mat along for the adventure. Find a park where you can relax and read, once you are ready to start your yoga practice you are already sitting on your mat. There is nothing like practicing yoga surrounded by beautiful nature.

7. Let go of guilt

So you skipped your practice for a day, the last thing you want to do is feel guilty.You are traveling to enjoy, so practice gratitude for the day. Walk around and mentally repeat: Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. This will open your heart and make you smile.

8. Practice Grounding Yourself

It is easy to feel off balance when you are in motion towards a destination; it helps to ground your energy. You can ground anytime, anywhere, simply breathe and imagine that a tail is growing from the base of your spine into the center of the earth, spiraling down deeper and deeper. This will clear your energy and keep you in a calm yogic state of mind.

9. Find a Local Class

Going to class and learning from a new teacher can inspire you to keep up with your own practice. If you do not speak the language of the country you are visiting, this is a great way to get a linguistic lesson during your yoga practice. Try something new and brush up on your foreign yogi lingo!

10. Practice Seva

Seva is the yoga of selfless service. You do not have to teach yoga, you can just go donate your time and loving energy. Whether is it with children, nature or animals it is in the giving that you actually receive. Research where you can go help in the city you are visiting. Take your yoga practice off the mat and do something good, even if you just smile at a stranger and tell them they are beautiful.

Yoga On! Enjoy Your Travels!

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