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9 Things to Prepare for Your Yoga Teacher Training

* Please take note that the commodity written is based on an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training*

It’s been eight years( 2011) since I was first introduced to yoga and I’ve been practicing regularly for about 5 years once. Learning has always been a part of my family and I’m glad that I’ve finally received my announcing in coaching yoga.

Before I attended my 200hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with All Yoga, I didn’t know what to expect even though there were so many articles and evaluations online about how possible students should prepare for the yoga teacher training.

Despite having a couple of friends around me who have completed their yoga teacher trainings, each course arrangement runs and I pleased I had more lead in what I should do to prepare myself for these 3.5 weeks of so-called ” intensive” schooling.

Based on my personal and my peers’ experiences, I came up with these 9 things I feel you should be preparations for such courses.

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1. Your Expectations

The word “intensive” scare the inferno out of me. two weeks before my yoga teacher training began, my asana practice was so inconsistent that I was ashamed of myself. I felt so unworthy to be a yoga teacher and I disbelieved my capabilities.

I expected the course to be 80% intensive asana practice and 20% thought but I was wrong. There was so much more to Yoga than just asana practice such as the history, the philosophy and the dissection. Most importantly, I was reminded that yoga is for anyone.

Tip: Be receptive to knowledge and all kinds of challenges. When you’re willing to receive learning and face the upcoming challenges, your psyche will of course have an at least neutral perspective about dealing with whatever place you’re about to face.

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2. Your Fitness Level

You don’t want to be striving in 100% of the asana practice because that’s when you are able to get injuries. Having a consistent asana practice will help you to understand your organization case more efficient and may school you to modify specific poses according to your needs.

Tip: Be consistent in your asana practice at least 3 months before your yoga teacher training. Having a strong asana practice will help you cope with the 6-day week of 3hrs of asana practice daily. That symbolizes rehearsing at least 3 days a week, 2-3hrs per day. It would also be helpful if you practice the asana which the course you’re taking specialises in because it will not only help you memorising the sequence but it will also state your form for the upcoming asana practice during the yoga teacher training.

Having said that, if you’re attending a Yin located direction, you may have a different kind of asana practice which I’m sure the course coordinator will caution you before you start the course.

However, if you happened to sign up less than 3 months before your trend and you don’t have a compatible asana practice, don’t be intimidated. Maintain a positive posture and learn revisions so that you can alter the classifies to suit your torso and at the same hour strengthen your pattern during the course.

3. Your Medication

There are numerous yoga teacher trainings held in countries away from your dwelling where prescription might not be as readily accessible. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare some basic drug such as for flu, diarrhea and inflammation.

The courses are often nursed over a 6-day week with 1 off day. Classes often start from around 7.30 am and objective at 6pm. You once won’t have much time to explore the place your teach is held at. The last-place thing you want to happen is fall ill within your last week of training which could affect your final exam.

Tip: Prepare for the worst-case scenario and get all the necessary medication you need because you’ll never are well aware could happen to you. You’ll be thankful that you have the medication on standby. Important remedy “youre supposed to” making are 😛 TAGEND

Charcoal capsules( diarrhea) Imodium( diarrhea/ upchuck/ tummy flu) Rehydration salts( after attention) Remedy for cough, flu, fever and sore throat

yoga teacher training

4. Your Laundry Budget

If you’re doing an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training particularly in a humid country, then it would wise to set aside a fund for laundry. Be prepared to be changing your robes at the least twice a period and sending your laundry for emptying 2-3 times a week is dependent on how much clothing you bring.

Tip: Bring dri-fit robes so that they cool fast. Some of my direction teammates washed their robes in the subside because they were concerned about the quality of the neighbourhood laundry services. Fortunately, I managed to find a laundry supermarket that does pretty good cleanse( both machine and handwash) and dehydrating without damaging my robes so I refer all of my robes for laundry.

Also, fetching enough underwear because you want to feel comfy in your clothes extremely if you’re in a red-hot and humid environment. Being comfy is important because your ease can affect your concentration in class and you want to be a 100% focused so that you don’t miss out any information that is crucial.

5. Your Modifications

Whether you’re a rookie or an advanced asana practitioner, you may have been coached how to modify some poses already. Some could be used revisions due to weakness and others could be due to injuries.

The 6 epoches of consecutive asana practice could tire your torso out which could lead to harms or effect some old hurts to surface. Therefore, it is important to understand your person well so that you know how to adjust according to your needs.

Tip: Pay attention during your regular asana practice when the schoolteacher adjusts the students. Even if you don’t have injuries or lacks, it will help you to understand the important role played by changes which you will be learnt from your asana clinic module during your yoga teacher training.

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6. Your Insecurities

It could be your physical illusion, your background, their capabilities etc. When the yoga teacher training gets tougher and you’re away from your friends and family, your so-called-flaws are going to start feeding you with negative reflects. Every single epoch, “theyre going to” haunt you and remind you why you can’t reach a certain objective.

But the truth is , nobody is perfect. There is likely to be people who are always better than you in certain things but you can’t allow that to stop you from achieving your goals. Everyone can achieve whatever we want in life. We’ve just got to believe in it and pushed difficult for it. If you miss something mischievously enough, you are able to do whatever it takes to obtain it.

Tip: Be prepared to be susceptible and come face-to-face with your dangers. Make this time to accept yourself for who you are and love yourself the very best you can. Formerly you’ve made armistice with your dangers , nobody can use it against you.

7. Your Ego

Sometimes when you think you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, you think you already know all about yoga. But such courses isn’t just about the physical appearance of yoga. It is about restraint, community and accumulation. Sometimes, it could also be a situation where you know how to do a certain constitute but your body doesn’t allow you to do because of an injury. This is when you need to focus on your state first rather than proving yourself or others that you are an advanced asana practitioner.

Tip: Use your current knowledge about yoga in the application of your rule. There will certainly be has become a go where you find yourself lost in the knowledge you’re about to learn during the course. Don’t be impatient with yourself. Countenance that education is a lifelong process and continue to be curious about all kinds of acquaintance you are about to receive whether during the course of its yoga teacher training or after the programme.

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8. Your Emotions

In this busy nature, we all have a dres of shunning our ardours, specially negative ones. We’ve got no time to deal with our excitements and we often keep them in a bit region at the back of our judgment. Sometimes we check on ourselves once in a while to alleviate one of the purposes of the loading of stress and there are periods where we just don’t want to handle them at all. During the yoga teacher training, you will have plenty of time to meditate and you may even find yourself in situations where your pent-up affections rise to the surface.

Be prepared to be feelings. You will feel angry, pathetic, happy, disheartened, affection, contentment etc. sometimes all at once. But remember that you’re not alone because what you’re going through could be used the exact same thing your track teammate is suffering as well.

Tip: Trust the process of allowing your sensations to surface and feel every single fleck of it. Retain the passions you’re feeling and profess how you’re feeling at that point of occasion. Make this opportunity to ask yourself how do you want to feel by the end of the practice and if there is anything you want to let go. You will be guided in practice so simply be responsive of the experience and enjoy the process of hopefully liberating yourself from any suppressed negative emotions.

9. Your Intentions

Last of all, what is the reason you’ve decided to sign up for the training? It could be to learn more about yoga or yourself, to deepen your tradition, to solely receive the certification etc. During the course, you may be faced with difficulties that will prepare you disbelieve yourself and see you want to give up. That’s when you have to go back to those reasons and remind yourself the purpose of this training for you.

Tip: If you haven’t thought about why you wishing to the training, then this would be a great opportunity to ask yourself. Before you start the course, find ways to remind yourself whether you are made this decision so that whenever you start disbelieving yourself, you will be reminded of the sole reason of why you chose this path.

Personally, this yoga teacher training is one of the most wonderful decisions I’ve ever stimulated in my life. I’ve met such amazing people from all around the world and I’m proud to call them my spiritual genealogy. There will be perspire, there will be ruptures. Maybe some blood molted and perhaps you’ll overcome your frights. I strongly urge you to sign up for a yoga teacher training even if you don’t think teaching is for you. Come for the experience and you’ll unquestionably learn knowledge “youve never” thought you never knew and feel emotions “youve never” thought you would feel.

After the course, you’ll be transformed into this whole new person where you would be so excited about going back into the world and sharing your freshly learnt insight to the people around you. If you’re thinking of joining a yoga teacher training to understand yourself better, you’ve unquestionably made a wise decision and I can guarantee you will learn much better about yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Most importantly, set their plans to at least have fun and I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time at your yoga teacher training. I hope this article has helped have a clearer theory on how “youre supposed to” preparing for your yoga teacher training!

Lots of cherish, Dawn

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