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All About Hip Replacements and Yoga

by Nina I’ve gotten a few inquiries lately regarding hip replacements. For example, I’ve been asked, “Can I do yoga after a hip replacement? (Yes.) And I’ve also been asked, “What poses can I do after a hip replacement?” (It depends on the type of replacement—see below.) So even though this is a subject we’ve covered in the past, I thought it was time to revisit it by providing an overview of the information we have on our blog about this important topic. Almost all of the articles we have on the topic were written for us by Shari Ser, who is both a physical therapist and yoga teacher with long-time experience helping others dealing with this surgery in both roles. I’d like to start by saying that when I hear people who have come to a point where they are seriously considering this surgery—because they can no longer walk well or the pain they are experiencing is just too unbearable—I always think of something that Shari wrote in one of her posts: “In my clinical experience I have never had a client tell me that he or she is sorry to have undergone this surgery. In all medical procedures, knowledge, mental and emotional preparation and conviction in your choice of action go a long way towards healing.” Also, in my post Interview with Charlotte Bell, author of “Hip-Healthy Asana”, Charlotte discussed her own hip replacements by saying: “My hip replacements truly gave me my life back. I wouldn’t be walking today, let alone enjoying yoga practice, if it hadn’t been for my hip surgeries. Every time I find myself wandering the gorgeous landscapes in my adopted home of Utah, I feel grateful for the technology that helped me regain my ability to hike.”But if you, like me, feel that you are not yet ready and don’t want to be rushed, see this post that I wrote about delaying surgery, which I have had some success with: Delaying Joint Replacement.Now for the links to the articles by Shari and others: 1. In Total Hip Replacements and Yoga Shari provides background information about what a hip replacement is, why it might be necessary, and how to talk with your doctor about yoga and hip replacements BEFORE your surgery (because most doctors don’t realize what yoga entails as far as movements.). She also discusses how to talk to your doctor about your post-surgery yoga and gives advice about easing back into your practice. Anyone contemplating this surgery should read this post! 2. In Friday Q&A: Modifying Poses for a Hip Replacement Shari provides details about the types of yoga movements that people with various types of hip replacements should avoid. I included illustrations of the movements. This will help you learn the anatomical terms that you need to understand to help yourself move back into yoga practice after surgery. 3. In Friday Q&A: Physical Therapy for Hip Joint Replacement Shari answers the question: Can yoga be a form or alternative for physical therapy post-hip surgery as well? 4. In Friday Q&A: Helping a Student with a Hip Replacement Shari answers a question from a yoga teacher about how to help a student with a posterior hip replacement. 5. In Arthritis of the Hip Joint Baxter and I provide background about arthritis of the hip joint, the most common cause for the need for hip replacements. 6. In Friday Practical Pointers: Who Should Avoid Certain Movements of the Hip Joint? Baxter discusses the various movements of the hip joints and provides cautions for those who should avoid or minimize them, including those with hip replacements. Subscribe to Yoga for Healthy Aging by Email ° Follow Yoga for Healthy Aging on Facebook and Twitter ° To order Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being, go to AmazonShambhalaIndie Bound or your local bookstore.For information about Nina’s upcoming book signings and other activities, see Nina’s Workshops, Book Signings, and Books.

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