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I am most honored to have the opportunity to host and share categorizes from so many phenomenal science-based yoga coaches in my online class library! Today I’d like to announce the newest schoolteacher to join the ranks of this innovative schooling department starting on October 10, 2018.

For countless people, Francesca Cervero doesn’t require any introduction. But for those of you who don’t know how it works, a few points of note are that she rolls a thriving yoga teaching mentoring business, she specializes in The Science of the Private Lesson( tm ), and she also hosts the favourite Support& Strategy for Yoga Teachers podcast.

One of the reasons I’m added roused about Francesca’s classes is that they were actually filmed with live yoga students! And because she is well-known for her affecting science of deeming cavity in the yoga room in a grounded highway, these castes will be a very helpful space into watching this skilled yoga professor do her space-holding work.

Francesca is also well-known in the yoga community for expertly teaching yoga grades without demo-ing any poses at all. Many people wonder “how does she do it? ”, and now we can finally watch her in her point and learn from her techniques.

Look for her first class to arrive in the library on October 10 th! I hope you adoration it!

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