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Arrogant Cat Steals The Spotlight

My Cat Says “Meh” and He Would Probably Do This Too

I am a proud yogi cat mama, but Chester, my orange and white cat is less proud of the yogi part than I am. I think he is actually out to get me, to hinder my yoga practice as opposed to supporting it–at least when I practice at home.

There must be something inexplicably enticing about a yoga mat–like a piece of expensive luggage or a cardboard box–that makes these things just all too irresistible for a cat not to go check it out, sit on it, and scratch on it. My yoga mat seems to be a particularly good tool for Chester to roll around scratching his back and removing hard-to-reach fur clumps. With him, no downward facing dog is complete without a cat tail up the nose.

So it would seem that Sarah McDonald, another yogi cat mama, experiences a similar plight with her cat, Simba. All I can say is, “I hear ya, Sister!” However, what she would NOT say back to me are complements about my headstand or any other inversion for that matter. Let’s just say, my practice of inversions is still “growing…” They’re messy…on a good day.

However, if I had stunningly precise inversions like Sarah, then Chester might have an opportunity to steal the show, but until then, you should check out Sarah’s rad headstand and see what Simba has to say about it.