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Asana ABC series – Warrior 1

Asana ABC Series- Virabhadrasana A- Warrior 1

Welcome to the All Yoga Asana ABC. We are creating a library of step-by-step lessons of yoga poses to help you develop, originate, and expand in your yoga practice. Here, you’ll find instructions on how to get into a posture whilst learning how to reduce the risk of an injury. Learn about alignment and how to practising safely. Each tutorial handles modifications and alterations of each pose to aid you in working out what works best for your organization. Find out how to do suffer, sat, changing, and supine poses that are suitable for amateurs to advanced practitioners. Happy practising

Virabhadrasana A- Warrior 1

Virabhadrasana A, or Warrior 1, is a standing posture that structures strong in the legs and originates flexibility in the trendies. Additionally, this constitute stretches the prickle, the chest, and the shoulders.

Warrior 1 is included in Sun Salutation B and in the tolerate streak in the Ashtanga Vinyasa arrangement. It is also a foundational pose put forward in many yoga classifies. Remind yourself of your internal warrior by find balance, center, and strong as you tradition this posture. Learn how to safely try Warrior 1 with alignment clues below, as well as learning the adjustments that your figure may currently need.

Remember to honour your body and listen to your breath.

1. Starting at the top of your matting, step your left foot back so that your privilege hoof is pointing forward and you have a wide stance. Pivot your left heel out to the left somewhat so that your hoof is pointing out towards a 45 degree angle. Line up both of your heels. Drawing your torso and your trendies to face the front of the room or as much as possible.

asana virabhadrasana pose

2. Exhale, stoop your privilege knee( 90 positions ), made to ensure that your knee doesn’t roll over your ankle. If it does, step wider. Point your tailbone down to the ground. Keep your prickle long.

asana virabhadrasana pose

3. Inhale, rise your arms up so that they are parallel to each other. Bring your palms together and “ve been looking for” at your digits by gently quitting your leader back. Or, keep the mitts apart with the palms facing each other and “ve been looking for”. Reach through your fingertips towards the ceiling, whilst preventing your shoulders away from your ears. Keep bending through your front knee.

asana virabhadrasana pose

4. Stay here for 5 penetrating breaths.

Warrior 1 tips

Balance may be an issue in this pose. If this is the case step your back hoof over to the left slightly to give yourself greater stability. Over time, work to bringing your ends in line with each other.

Keep the leg behind you active and locked whilst pushing the paw down securely into the mat.

Imagine a vertical word in the middle of your form and choose your inner thigh on your back leg around the middle or towards the’ midline’.

To Exit the Pose

Exhale release your arms down by your slopes. Inhale straighten your fucking leg and Exhale step your foot together among the priorities of your mat.

Repeat on the opposite side.


If you find that your legs or trendies are feeling very tight, shorten your stance somewhat whilst still made to ensure that your breast knee is immediately above your ankle.

If you are unable to rise your limbs up, instead keep your hands on your waist.

Cautions and Contraindications

If you have a knee harm don’t bend your breast knee amply at a 90 grade angle or shorten your stance. If you have a neck injury look forward instead of face up at your digits. If “youve had” high blood pressure look forward rather than up. Be prudent if you have a hip, back or shoulder gash.

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