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Backbends Insights for Your Practice


It’s so easy to think about backbends as being all about the spine. And they do of course concern the sticker, but did you know that our prickle doesn’t move as efficiently or strongly without the support of the arms& legs?

For example, have you ever lifted up into cobra constitute( bhujangasana ), and felt your feet get light on the flooring?( I know I have !) This is often a signed that our legs have detached from the movement.

If we instead push our hoofs actively into the storey in cobra constitute, this signals our legs to participate, and if you’re like me at all, you’ll feel lighter and more connected throughout your whole constitute( and you might even lift up higher !)

And in camel constitute( ustrasana ), it’s easy to residence our appendages in position without asking them to work much or to certainly “engage” with the pose.

But if we instead work on* active* shoulder extension( limbs moving behind you) and connecting to our lats( back muscles ), our camel pose might feel more supported, hoisted, and relatively transformed!

These are just a got a couple of examples, but you can apply this idea to all backbends. Get your limbs& legs triggered& participating in your backbends, and notice the difference in how your backbone feels!

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