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Best Restaurants and Massage Places on Nusa Lembongan/Bali

It is super important to pamper yourself during the Yoga Course in Bali, as your figure can get really tired and you need to refresh it with good food and massage!


I’m a fresh vegan. So mostly I buy fruit from a small fruit shop 10 min walk from the All Yoga Shala and eat outside the Shala. But if you wish to take a look at other healthy and excellence alternatives, which I have tried myself, or have heard from my classmates, here they are 😛 TAGEND

1. Ginger and Jamu

The one I affection the most is Ginger and Jamu–a lovely restaurant with environmental and desiring badges and writings everywhere. The staff are smiley and super friendly. It offers fresh vegan and other delicious vegetarian options, as well as bright calls for the recipes You can enjoy yourself there with a beautiful position right off the beach. They likewise render delightful Tibetan containers, yoga gasps/ vests and other related produces. It is 10 minutes on foot from the Shala of All yoga.

ginger and jamu

2. Tiger Lillys

Gracefully embellished, it offers not only good nutrient, but likewise some beautiful garnishes or supplementaries. The cost is a bit higher than others. But you get a nice clean feeling from the place. It is the closest to the Shala–only 5 minutes on foot. Therefore, a good sit for after class discussion

tiger lillys

3. Bali Eco Deli

As shown by its list, it offers enormous preferences for vegan babies like me and my girl. My girl LOVES the ice-creams there. And my classmates and I had a big dinner there formerly, which was very nice. Next to it there was a cinema. 10 minutes on foot from the All Yoga Shala, on the main street.

bali eco deli

4. The Sampan

It is 20 minutes by paw. But closest to Surya homestay–which was the place where a lot of my classmates–including myself, slept. They render quite nice western and regional meat, like pizzas and pasta, with very good decoration and atmosphere. Big portion for each illustration. So, beware of your stomach! Again, super delightful personnel, who often gave my girl presents

sampan nusa

5. Lemongrass

Our graduation party was held there. They have delightful live music and is usually quite full. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to have good pasta and western food.


6. Blue Corner Bar& Restaurant

It is one of my go to evening recognises on the island. It’s the excellent situate to cool off on the bean luggage at the sea and experience a stunning notion of the sunset. The vibe is young and unwound, so it’s a great place to mingle and form some new friends. They have a lot of great options, such as handmade organic corn tortillas with lots of different yummy toppings. Pair that with super affectionate service, good music( sometimes live straps) and free wi-fi and you have a winner.



I have only knew two but I think they are the best on this island 😛 TAGEND

1. Organic Lembongan Spa

I have a masseur who is from this region and gave me 5 massages at my locate during the YTT. It is great! I can’t imagine myself going through the YTT without massage every week!

organic lembongan spa

2. Kemilau Spa and Wellness

The place is very beautiful, with a ended assistance. I enjoy it! The toll is higher but it’s worth it. A enormous home to pamper yourself!

kemilau spa and wellness

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