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Catching up with Bridget Frederick

by Bridget

In case you don’t know me, I’m Bridget Frederick, a certified yoga educator trained in The Berkeley Yoga Room’s two-year, 500 -hour Advanced Studies Program. I have been teaching at the North Berkeley Senior Center since 2011, and likewise learn at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, California and at neighbourhood Touchstone climbing gyms. With a strong focus on anatomy, balance, and core concentration, my castes aim to start yoga accessible to anyone who is interested in determine the easing, strength, or stillness that yoga can offer. In addition to yoga, my those who are interested in aerial artworks led to an investigate of yoga wall lassoes, first developed by BKS Iyengar, who exploited them as a prop to patronage and intensify his asana practice. I have been teaching tethers wall first-class and seminars since 2017, often in partnership with co-teacher Sandy Zirulnik. Inspiration for my teach comes from current and former teaches Donald Moyer, Mary Lou Weprin, Julie Gudmestad, Gay White, Ada Lusardi, Sandy Blaine and Herta Weinstein.

Since graduating in 2011, my interest has been understanding the human body–anatomy and physiology as well as the mind-body connection–and how to be gentle with ourselves. Most importantly, my interest has been how to help my students connect with their own bodies and get a sense of what works for them, as well as what restrictions they should set around their practice. When our people feel good and safe, “were having” more power to be kind and charitable with those around us.

I started out on the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog as Text editor in 2013, but with this new incarnation of the blog, I’ll be acting as Acquisitions Editor. This signifies I’ll be in charge of selecting and posting practice videos. These videos will come from you–our readers! So if you have been creating videos, teach a special version of a constitute, render a brand-new take over a restorative cycle, or demonstrating tips-off on a specific common condition, I would love to take a look at it to see if we can fit it into our weekly presents. Please be sure your video is of high technical quality! Contact me at bridget.frederick @gmail. com if you’d like to offer a video or need more information.

Find information on Bridget’s current courses here( all online during the pandemic ).

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