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Dark Orange Skies, the Pandemic, and My Yoga Practice

by NinaOn Wednesday, September 9, I woke up later than normal because it was still dark outside when it should have been light-footed. Confused, I opened the curtains and learnt that the entire sky was a dark orange color, as if it was night but an orange light instead of dark blue one. We figured it must have something to do with the volleys in California. In the days before this, “were having” expended many dates inside our room, windows closed against unhealthy smoke-filled air from several different fervors that ringed the San Francisco Bay Area. But now the combined effects of the haze coming in from the Pacific( which created a blessed succour from the previous days of heat) and a high-level layer of smoking from the fervor in the Sierras that colonized above the haze had created a barricade that impeded most of the sun’s light waves from probing down to the earth’s surface.What could we do? We decided to simply go about our epoch, with me working on my work in my home office and Brad working remotely from his home office downstairs. But this obscurity orange sky, which continued for approximately the part day, was deeply unsettling on two tiers. First, it was so unexpected. While we know that change is an intrinsic part of nature, that the color of the sky should deepen so drastically had previously been unimaginable. Everyone was saying it seemed like our metropolitan had been transported under another planet! And, second, what did this new development predict? Was every flaming season in California going to be this extreme from now on? Were there more dark orange skies in our future? Should we be thinking of moving somewhere elseOf course, all of this was on top of the pandemic and being about six months into sheltering in place in our house, concerned about not just about ourselves but about beings worldwide who were suffering from the disease and/ or the financial fallout it was causing( starvation, unemployment, homelessness, etc .). Now climate change was no longer a theoretical threat, but it was a reality. And while we ourselves were only suffering from unhealthy air, we were well aware of serious loss that so many others across the state were experiencing.Still, even facing this doubled calamity, I felt reasonably both balanced and steady. I attended very much about everything that was happening, but I didn’t go into a panic. It was only a few days later when I was meditating that I contemplated, hey, it looks a lot like my yoga and meditation rehearsal is actually helping me through this! As I mentioned under my pole Welcome Back !, at the opening up of the pandemic, I had decided that trying to stay calm during these challenging hours needed to be a priority for me. That’s because in the past I had problems with anxiety and even panic attacks during times of uncertainty. So I decided that I would do two things every day: meditate for 20 or more times and rehearse Legs Up the Wall pose for 20 minutes. Sometimes I did more constitutes, sometimes I made a long walk, and sometimes I did both. But as of today, I preserved my commitment for six months. Now I feel confident is reporting back to you that this practice worked for me. And I’ve already been satisfied to hear back already from a few people that my mentioning what I was practicing every day in Welcome Back ! aroused them to start practicing themselves. That’s why I decided to write this pole, in the hopes that I can inspire you to practice, too.At one tier or the other, we’re all going through stressful terms right now. So, how are you use yoga to manage your stress stages during these challenges? And if you’re not practising, what’s propping you back? Subscribe to Yoga for Healthy Aging by Email deg Follow Yoga for Healthy Aging on Facebook deg To tell Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being, go to Amazon, Shambhala, Indie Bound or your local bookstore.

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