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Featured Video: A Gentle Yoga Class for a Week That is Less Than Gentle

by Bridget

Wow, the coming week. Today is date 235 since we started sheltering in place here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Added to that, the time changed in the U.S. last weekend. Normally disorienting things–ones that happens in the course of a year–seem a bit biased in a year like this, don’t they? I find myself anticipating, “Can’t we just skip that this year? ” And the U.S. election. Between checking the poll outcomes and checking in with friends, it’s been challenging to make it onto my matting each day at all this last week. But soothing and restorative patterns have been what’s been keeping me coming back. I’ll get back to strengthening next week.

On that document, here is a nicely organized gentle yoga practice, coached by our very own Barrie Risman. Give yourself 42 times to turn inward and check in with yourself as Barrie conducts you through these best practices.

Barrie Risman has been learning yoga for more than two decades, Barrie Risman shares the degree of her know-how and lore to expose a uniquely accessible, genuine and integrated approach to yoga. She empowers students with tools to deepen their understanding and engenders them to embrace asana as a itinerary for swelling self-discovery and internal increment. Learn more about Barrie’s book Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice and her online first-class at Download Barrie’s free Guide to Home Yoga Practice.

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