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Featured Video: Breath in the Time of the Coronavirus

by Bridget

One of my students occasionally brings a follow of a news article or a poem to class for me. Since class now convenes on Zoom, last week he forwarded me a printout of an article from The New York Times that gives some tips-off on breathing better and asserts that how we breathe affects us on a cellular grade, so getting better at it could stimulate us healthier and perhaps less suggestible to Covid.

Given the various stressors many of us are experiencing during this time, with the pandemic, homeschooling, social justice dissatisfaction, volleys, typhoons, the election, etc ., I thought some amiable breathing might be a good option for us all. This video, offered by Heather Berg, entitled Breath Centered Yin Yoga, is a relaxing sequence of breathing utilizations that is about 17 instants long–easy to fit in before honcho into your first Zoom meeting of the day or just before crawling into bed at night!

Heather Berg, E-RYT, is a former Montessori teacher who has been a yoga practitioner since 1990 when, as a college student, she took her first “Intro to Sun Salutations” at NYU. She was eclectic in her seeking of different yoga habits over 20 plus times, but it wasn’t until prepare with Leslie Glickman that she was formally trained in Vinyasa Krama( detailed discipline of sequencing) and learnt her true-blue name. Find more videos and info on Heather’s teaching here.

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