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Featured Video: Half Moon Pose, Chair Variations

by Bridget

Almost accurately a year ago, Nina and I drove down to Santa Barbara to attend an Accessible Yoga Training, led by Jivana Heyman. We devoted the long weekend taking an in-depth look at the process of adapting yoga poses for any body, integrating the ancient ability of yoga into learn, and working with mixed-level groups. This is the kind of inclusive design that is at the core of the Accessible Yoga movement.

This week I made a closer look at the Accessible Yoga Blog’s Home Practice Club page, which includes various uprights on sequences and constitute changes, all focused on making a pose or a practice more accessible for different mas characters. I was particularly drawn to this chair version of Half Moon pose( Ardha Chandrasana ). Teacher Janis Ware breaks down her process for going comfortably into a copy of the constitute that works for her body. Her justifications are clear, and she grants a few cases different options for coming into the constitute that eliminate any sorenes that could arise, recommending additional blocks for the purposes of the subsidizing paw, and taking the back leg out of its extended stance, tolerating the postponement of the leg to happen in her “mind’s eye” instead. The chair makes the legs principally out of the equation, and focuses instead on the core backbone and symmetry that are still needed for this version of the constitute.

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Finding alternatives to poses has always been a part of my doctrine. I’ve educated Half Moon pose with a hoof or a hand on the wall, or with back or figurehead figure to the wall for equilibrium. I even have a version of it that starts from mitts and knees. But participate in the legs alone out of the pose, as Janis does now, was a brand-new expedition for me. Similarly, what I found at the Accessible Yoga training is that it’s possible to push poses to a new grade that really does allow for wider inclusivity. If you’re interested in learning more about Accessible Yoga, you can find the web page now.

Janis Ware, RYT2 00, is an Accessible Yoga Certified Teacher/ Ambassador and is Trauma Informed Yoga and LV Chair Yoga Certified. She teaches in Iowa, in the DesMoines area, including at a holistic wellness midst, an adult ed class, a faith, a class sponsored by a cancer group at the Y, and a 55+ retirement complex( all currently virtual ). Her students have arrayed in age from young adult to 97! Nearly all tell her they come to the class because it is adaptive and accessible. They want to feel better in their own bodies, thoughts, and intents, want to practice yoga and hope they’ve witnessed a safe infinite to do so. More info on Janis here.

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