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Featured Video: Walking Tips

by Bridget

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been going more since shelter-in-place took effect here in the San Francisco Bay Area in March. With few other options available–all of the yoga studios, gyms and swimming pools closed–walking has been a way to get out of the house, to see other parties, and to tire my torso enough that I can sleep at night. In the last seven months, I’ve moved a lot more than I’m used to, and I’ve been feeling it–sometimes a good, strong feeling and sometimes less good–a flare-up of plantar fasciitis and an discontented knee. So I was intrigued when I accompany that Hawaii-based yoga teacher Sandra Razieli focused on walking while generate a brand-new video series for each day of October, research projects entitled “Walktober”. The videos range in length quite a bit( shortest is 19 seconds, longest so far is almost 12 minutes) but most of them are about two minutes. Sandra covers all aspects of healthy walking, including calf extends, paw mobilization, hip strengthening, and even shoulder change. I’m posting the first video here, but you can access Sandra’s YouTube page to check out the rest of the Walktober videos.( And there’s still another week of October, so she’s not finished !)

( If you’re interpret this by email, you can click here to access the video .)

Sandra Razieli schools yoga-based campaign rules because she wants to share her insight and enthusiasm for how shift helps us feel better. She began her formal study of shift in 1997 during a adventure to find a way to ease sting associated with scoliosis. She soon discovered that awareness focused progress not only cured naturalnes agony but was great training for her psyche as well as inspirational for her character. This invention conducted her to explore countless move modalities with yoga as a central focus. She educates and rehearses with a whole-body approach to movement where the connections of knowledge, form and feeling are paramount. She addresses biomechanical and neurological perceptions of the body-mind connection to teach in a way that is accessible and challenging. While her doctrine politenes tends towards the humorous, she is very serious about teaching careful adjustment and physical safety. Her ultimate goal is to guide and reinforce beings to move and therefore live with a greater sense of convenience, informality, exhilaration and flexibility. You knows where to find her learn planned here.

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