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How Yoga Improved My Career In Nursing

Imagine for a few moments there’s person or persons in front of you bellowing in pain and looking at you with desperation to ease their suffer. Envisage your nature is racing, breathing is becoming shallow, and a sense of terror is washing over you. I don’t have to see this. This is the reality I face daily in my work. I am an Emergency Nurse- and I work in one of the busiest districts in Western Australia.

I’ve been working as a Registered nurse for the past eight years both in Australia and overseas across many specialities, but my resentment lies in Emergency Medicine and Community Health. I love working in the extremes of managing a life-threatening statu in situations of emergency district, and also frustrating one in my society as well.

Over time, however, the stress of my work- along with all the accumulated night shift, and the general physical and mental necessitate of being a nurse- changed me. I ascertained myself over the years becoming more and more impassive towards my patients, unplugging from their suffering in order to protect my own psychological stockpiles, and I didn’t recognise myself anymore as the caring compassionate person I once was. At one point, I lost my aim and motivation to stay in this job any longer, and seriously questioned whether I should discontinue and find a different occupation absolutely. This is where I acquired yoga; or maybe, where yoga met me. So a number of aspects of yoga facilitated me return to, and stay in, optimal physical, mental, and spiritual state whilst maintaining my work as a nurse.

However, you don’t need to be a harbour, or even work in the same environ that I do, to understand how I feel. We all experience stress from a multitude of sources around us, whether that be from an over-bearing boss, a passive aggressive colleague, expecting children, a tense relationship with a partner or family member, or just simply sitting down transaction for a long period each day. These the resources of stress, where ever it comes from in life, all feign us in the same way, and over hour, if they are not acknowledged and managed appropriately, will surely result in illness of the subconsciou and/ or form. So here are the ways yoga has helped me, and can help you, maintain good health throughout your profession and in your daily life 😛 TAGEND

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Through daily rule of’ asana ‘, or’ postures ‘, I have been able to stay adaptable and strong, which allows me to keep up with the needs of the of patient care and prevent hurt. Having a strong core and back is critical when caring for patients who cannot look after themselves, especially since back traumata are the leading cause of worker’s compensation in health care employees. But asana be critical if your job involves sitting at a table all day long. Developing good posture through asana practice has a direct impact on the purpose of every part in our person and the channel we feel overall.

Some mornings, when I start my change at 7am, I only have time to practice five’ sun-salutations’ before racing out the door; but that simple garb of daily practise still organizes a positive domino effect of healthy alternatives that I make for myself for the rest of the day. Simply being in the habit of daily tradition has meant that on the days when I have more day for asana, I will dedicate the time for them knowing how much it helps me maintain a healthy person, so that I can continue doing good situations in the world and for other people.

Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Philosophy

‘Ashtanga ‘, conveying’ eight limbs ‘, refers to the eight particular aspects of yoga logic which help guide practitioners towards a path of spiritual wellness. The first two limbs including with regard to have helped me to make decisions and actions in “peoples lives” that have allowed me to become not only more compassionate towards my patients, but likewise form positive and meaningful events and relationships in “peoples lives” as well. These appendages, known as the’ yamas’ and the’ niyamas ‘, can be likened to an ethical specification, and commits suggestions such as’ non-violence ‘,’ truthfulness ‘,’ self-discipline ‘, and’ contentment’.

When I observed my own behaviours , is not merely at work towards my patients and colleagues but likewise towards myself and in my life in general, I began to see how the physical and psychological sustain I was experiencing was directly related to how much I had swayed from the road of ardour and empathy and how I was instead going down a superhighway of rage, rancor, and foiling, which prevented me from having meaningful and loving interactions with the person or persons around me. When I started to practice the yamas and niyamas daily, I felt my mettle soothe and open again, which was amplified so far after my Yoga Teacher Training. I no longer goal myself as a’ wet-nurse’ and other parties as my’ cases ‘, separated by a wall up the past I would’ve instinctively improved between us; Rather, we are two human being, sharing an honest and meaningful interaction, and I am providing care from a locate of genuine compassion.


‘Pranayama’ is translated from sanskrit as’ extension of vital force ‘, and refers to control of the gulp. This essentially wants practising particular breathing activity to deepen mental and physical health. “Pranayama enables you to control the flow of your gulp and increase your vital energy. These breathing activities uncover the brightnes of pure consciousness and bring mental purity .”- Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, 2.49 and 52

I inconsistently rehearsed many pranayama proficiencies over the years from my yoga educators , not really understanding the maximum extent of their feign or significance. It wasn’t until I experienced severe burn-out from chronic emphasize that I understood how vital it was to incorporate a breathing awareness tradition into almost every moment of “peoples lives”. By plainly developing awareness of my gulp, I could not only understand the amount of stress I was in at that moment, but also move myself into a more tighten government of is just so that I could respond to whatever was going on with words and actions of love and peace. Now, when I knowledge a traumatic place as I have described above, I can take a moment to plainly breath slower and deeper, and can assist my patient with a clear manager and an open heart.


Once I understood how to become aware of and control my gulp, it was so much easier to reflect, something that previously I had striven with for many years. Meditation triggers the prefontal cortex of the brain- the seat of the highest visualizing- and induces the freeing of neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and ability opiates, which allow us to feel gaiety, improved self-esteem, amusement, and a reduction in pain. “There hasnt” single dope that are able simultaneously choreograph the coordinated secrete of all of these compounds like reflection does. I genuinely believe that through daily practise of asana, pranayama, and musing, we are going to be able change our attitude towards a situate of charity and adoption, which can regenerate countries around the world. When we all watch one another as equals, and have compassion towards the endure of others, we will analyse ourselves and each other with much more desire and kindness. In the meantime, yoga has mended my liaison with my patients, and revitalised my occupation as a nurse- a profession that I hope to never take for granted. I now have a much healthier judgment and mas through these practices, which manufacture me more resilient to the stress of the number of jobs, and allows me to provide better care to all of my patients. I feel inspired again to stay in this capacity and build my busines in this professing again , now knowing how to connect and care from a region of love and genuine compassion.

It is my hope that you can be touched by the same beautiful lighting that yoga has shown on me, and be able to apply it in a meaningful style in your life as well.

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