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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Sunscreen Burns More Than Just Your Wallet

The Honest Company’s Organic Sunscreen Is Supposed To Be Safe

Actress Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly Honest Company seeks to provide customers with organic and safe wellness products that both adults and kids can use. The company touts the safety of its ingredients and emphasizes its non-toxic household products, many of which are specifically for baby care.

The Honest Company’s website states that it is “a trusted source for stylish, eco-friendly baby diapers, wipes, bath & body care products and non-toxic cleaning products.” However, many customers are calling into question exactly how honest and trustworthy the company really is after using its SPF 30 Sunscreen and suffering from severe sunburns.

Angry consumers reached out to the company via social media channels and Amazon, posting photos of the “broad spectrum” sunscreen failing to protect them and their children from the sun’s scorching rays.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.27.20 AM
Very upset parents voicing their concerns and posting pics of their burnt children on Amazon
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NBC5 in Chicago reported the formula of the sunscreen was changed at some point from 20 percent non-nano zinc oxide — which, experts say, is enough to be effective — to 9.3 percent. The majority of sunscreens that listed zinc oxide as the only active ingredient contained 18 to 25 percent by contrast, NBC5 reported. The company explained to NBC5 that after reducing the zinc, it added other ingredients to make the sunscreen effective.

Have you ever tried this sunscreen? We’ll take a pass on this one.

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