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Meet Leza Lowitz

by LezaI’m elicited to be a part of the rebirth of the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog, peculiarly since I’m undergoing a rebirth of my own. After twenty years in Japan, I’ve moved back to the United States–which is a challenge at any time but even more so in the time of Covid. Yoga and mindfulness have helped me be present with all the changes. I also have a Japanese son who really started American high school online. Bunches of grounds for rehearsal! I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was an English major at U.C. Berkeley. I received an M.A. in Creative Writing at San Francisco State. That’s where I firstly congregated Nina Zolotow–a fellow student in the program–over 30 years ago. In the intervening years, we’ve stood good friends. Nina invariably arouses me to renew my commitment to yoga and writing as roads of self-understanding, society, and transformation. I’m looking forward to writing about yoga and creativity, yoga for deeper life contact, and real-life mindful living for the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog.I’ve is under consideration by reflection, yoga, and healing for over 40 times, and teaching for over 20. I opened a yoga studio in Tokyo as an play of SEVA in 2003, and we are still going strong, thanks to our steadfast sangha. Sun and Moon Yoga acquainted countless modes of yoga and mindfulness to Japan, sometimes facing resist and resist. I’ve always tried to run the studio as a yoga practice in itself, which has been a deep hear. I never gave up on my vision to offer a community space of salving and love.Yoga studies are ongoing, as you know. My other resentment is Tibetan Buddhism and I moved away from a 7-year intense program in Vajrayana Buddhism in 2013. Likewise, I am soon ending a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, certified by the Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley.My writing is personal, political, and sometimes raw. I’ve written about yoga, self-transformation, mindfulness, and cross-cultural living in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, Yoga Journal Japan, Origin, Mantra, Asana, Yogini, Yoga International, Elephant Journal, Shambhala Sun,, Asana, the Manifest-Station, Glomad, and others. I’ve wrote 20 bibles, including Yoga Poems: Wrinkle To Unfold By, which received such 2001 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award. A attendant book, Yoga Heart: Argument on the Six Perfections, is an exploration of the Buddha’s six talents for a meaningful life. Other bibles include In Search of the Sun( a yoga memoir about accommodating and accepting in Japan ), Up from the Sea,( a YA novel in ballad about Japan’s tsunami ), and Sacred Sanskrit Words, co-authored with Reema Datta. I look forward to reading everyone’s posts and criticisms, and to being a part of this warm and encouraging community.You can predict more about Leza’s writing at and about her yoga studio and first-class at Subscribe to Yoga for Healthy Aging by Email deg Follow Yoga for Healthy Aging on Facebook deg To tell Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being, go to Amazon, Shambhala, Indie Bound or your local bookstore.

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