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My Journey with Osteoporosis and Yoga

by Monica PawlanAbout six years ago, I “ve had my” first bone concentration test and found out that I had low-grade bone mineral density( osteopenia ). An osteopenia diagnosis means that I had lost some bone density, but not enough to call it osteoporosis, and not enough to necessarily treat it with a bone drug.Surprised and disturbed, I couldn’t figure out how it happened. I was healthful, active, worked out regularly, and had a good diet. A few weeks later when I look my chiropractor, I mentioned my diagnosis. She told him that another older patient of hers is keeping her bone density up by make yoga. I scooted dwelling, got on my computer, and obtained Dr. Loren Fishman, who was conducting studies on yoga and osteoporosis, and who found that yoga does improve bone mineral concentration for most people. I immediately get in way and enrolled in his study. In today’s post, I’m going to describe my experience practicing his planned and what my own personal makes were. 12 Constitutes for OsteoporosisI started out with Dr. Fishman’s first sequence of 12 constitutes. That was the only sequence he had at the time. He currently has three cycles, all with 12 poses each. Three sequences work well because you can do yoga every day and avoided repetition stress illnes by revolve the cycles over the week and attending a yoga class formerly a week. I find 12 constitutes easy to fit into a busy epoch and now rule 6 days a week at home.( See below for information about where to find all three strings .) When I started out, Dr. Fishman had one cycle. It is a matter of basic constitutes that are taught in a usual Iyengar yoga rank 1-2 categories: Tree Pose( Vrksasana) Triangle Pose( Utthita Trikonasana) Warrior 2 Pose( Virabhadrasana II) Extended Side Angle Pose( Utthita Parsvakonasana) Revolved Triangle( Parivrtta Trikonasana) Locust Pose( Salabhasana) Bridge constitute( Setu Bhandasana) Supine Hand to Foot 1( Supta Padangusthasana I) Supine Hand to Foot 2( Supine Hand to Foot 2) Marichi’s Pose 3( Marichyasana III) Half Lord of the Fishes Pose( Ardha Matsyendrasana) Corpse Pose( Savasana) How I StartedI hadn’t done yoga since the 70 ’s, and at that time exclusively simpler and much easier poses. I tried to learn the 12 constitutes in the first series on my own. I did manage to learn their calls, their line-up in the sequence, and somewhat how to do them, but I had a feeling I wasn’t rightfully doing them precisely. I wanted someone to tell me if I was doing them properly, and if not, assistance me learn.A friend who likewise had bone loss and I decided to hire a yoga schoolteacher to help us learn the constitutes. We would share the cost. Because Dr. Fishman’s background is in Iyengar yoga. I examined for an Iyengar studio near San Jose where my friend and I both live, and it turned out that Iyengar Yoga South Bay is very near us in Campbell, California. I emailed Linda Bostrom and she cited me to Jito Yumibe who has training in yoga therapeutics.Turns out get private instruction to get started was a really good idea. I recognise very quickly that I had a lot to learn as far as doing the constitutes with a healthful alignment. At the time, I did not realize that in Iyengar yoga, you can go very deeply into learning the constitutes. It can take a lifetime, but the benefits begin right away.After three private seminars with Jito, I attended a Yoga for Seniors class that she teaches. I proceeded four times, and then later enrolled in a stage 1-2 class with Linda Bostom. Today, I’m still studying with Linda and attend her stage 2-3 class formerly a few weeks, I rotate the Dr. Fishman series 1-3 on the other six days.My Bone Density ProgressDr. Fishman utilizes bone concentration examine( DEXA scan) reactions to determine whether or not the yoga is working for a particular person. This examine, which your own doctor tells for you every two years , sets the concentration of your bones in either the spine, left trendy, and left femur cervix or in the lumbar spine and left femur neck.( The femur cervix is the straight piece of bone that fixes the round premier to the long thigh bone, as shown in the illustration above .) My measurings every two years were all done on my lumbar backbone and left femur neck. A tally of -1 or more reveals bone loss. A rating of -2. 5 or more indicates osteoporosis. I started out with -1 in my lumbar spine, and -2. 3 in my left femur neck.In the 6 years since I started yoga, my lumbar sticker improved to ordinary bone concentration in the first two years( it didn’t have very far to go ), but my femur cervix stood pretty much the same until it dipped into osteoporosis in December 2020. Weight-Bearing Activity After consider hard-boiled and reading as much as I could about bone state, I decided to add more weight-bearing activity to my daily chore. Due to Covid-1 9, I hadn’t sauntered as much as I commonly do, and the additional sitting around might have been what ship me into the osteoporosis range in my femur cervix. I was ready to get my femur cervix composition at least back into the osteopenia range.I am in good health and have suitable the different levels of the applicable nutrients and hormones. Believing that more muscle concentration might help, I decided to keep my daily yoga programme, restart stepping as far as is possible, and contributed more weight-bearing activity, such as carrying huge receptacles of ocean around the house and adding 1-pound ankle values for stepping. I won’t know if the additional weight-bearing activity is working until my next bone scan, but I have noticed my back, arms, shoulders, legs, ankles, and trendies feel much stronger. The question is, will my femur cervix notice it more? Dr. Fishman’s SequencesView Loren Fishman Sequence 1: Twelve Poses vs. Osteoporosis on YouTube for free.Purchase Dr. Fishman DVD( s) with string 1 and/ or 2 on his website( near the bottom of the sheet. Sequence 3 is out, but there is no DVD yet. On at the bottom, you can sign up for his newsletter to find out when he teaches sequences 1, 2, and 3 online.Monica Pawlan has been a student of Iyengar yoga for about six years. She is currently taking yoga world-class from Linda Bostrom, co-director of Iyengar Yoga South Bay, in Campbell, California. Monica living in San Jose, California, with her husband and two cats.

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