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My Yoga Teacher Training with All Yoga in Bali: A journey of courage, transformation and love

Craziest decision( that provide proof best available)

It was the craziest decision to go to this Yoga Teacher Training in Feb 2018 in Bali.

I just got back to China from Bali in January 2018, and was going to fly back home to Europe after 3 months of being away from home in two days. When I saw Yoga Teacher Course haphazardly online, I visualized: it’s impossible to go.

As I’d have to waste lots of fund to change the flights to Europe, buy the flights to Bali just 2 weeks after get you back in China, and offer 3000 USD for the YTT, and find a babysitter to take care of my 4 time old girl in Bali while I would be in the Yoga Teacher Training–all of which seemed impossible to arrange in such a short time!

yoga teacher training

But then I examine the calling inside me: do that Yoga Teacher Training in Bali! So I did.

Miraculously it was super easy and flowing, as if the Universe was at my back. On February 5th, from the moment the plane arrived here Bali, my nature was reconciled 😛 TAGEND

Warm weather, delicious result, splendid ocean, astonishing mad mood and animals, simple-minded and naive beings, ethereal music and dance…

Every time I came to Bali, “peoples lives” was hugely rewritten.

The Point and Beginning of a Romance

On the first day of yoga learn, I wrote a short but firm letter to my ex-boyfriend that I enjoyed “the worlds largest” so far in “peoples lives”, and gently asked him to let go and stop contacting me. And I was ready to begin my official fantasy with Yoga–a lover that I assembled when I was terrible sick at the age of 16 and had an on-and-off liaison with ever since. From the first day of yoga train, everything was just right, and it was naturally on the right track.

In this magical mode, I find the lilt and say in my life- this was the most challenging percentage for me.

Because of my practice of being spontaneous and free, I used to care less about items, frames, and structures of the everyday lives. Sometimes I feel that I am very spiritual in the eyes of others, and my sentiments are very advanced, but my real life is a mess.

yoga teacher training

However, since I practised the Ashtanga primary line every day in the Yoga Teacher Training, I find myself gradually floating in future directions of what Confucius said:” next following the imposes of my own nerve; for what I want no longer transgres the boundaries of right “– meaning that I could be free, spontaneous, living life at the present moment, without the need to be rebellious or against anything.

With sore muscles, sweat that slowly oozes, hair that is constantly drenched and then breath dried by the sea breeze, listening to Sa Ta Na Ma and Gayatri mantra, I was rehearsing yoga every day with the motions splashing at the shore.

Rituals, train, health and routines that this Yoga Teacher Training raised me, recognizes future directions of the evolution of my soul in this life.

Effortlessly, I experience this self restraint, which did not take out my liberty, but instead made me true-blue freedom.

It is the greatest self discipline which allows yourself to be together with the person or persons, the place, the frequency or the relevant recommendations you desire the most.

This is the feeling of sauntering on the path of heartfelt evolution.

Growing together

yoga teacher training

Even if you adoration person or something to the moon, you are able to still struggle. But with the struggle, you get to grow. In this wonderful three weeks, I am contending as well as growing together with my lovely classmates tremendously daily. All the teaches said, this is an good class that they have not visualized often.

There are some girls who are dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders. I admire how well they can direct all the challenging poses, and they gave me so much better help and inspiration as well, which helped me make progress much faster, and achieved poses that I never dreamt of doing in no time!

yoga teacher training

A girl has break-dance 30 bones before Yoga Teacher Training, but still maintains a good shape. In our eye-gazing meditation, we grew friends in speechles gazing, and we remain soul sisters through the training, supporting each other on each other’s lowest days.

A mom in her 40 s was doing so much more than me in a separate, which makes me realize that my mas is so rigid for a girl at this age!


Life in Bali is a life of multiple climaxes. Just at the end of February, a few days after the full moon, something happened.

First of all, on the day of the graduation ritual, we made a channels of beloved. Each person goes through the channel made by classmates and professors in turn, and each person muttered something to the person in the channel.

yoga teacher training

A: I hope we can watch the Meteor and sing together at the coast again.

B said: I hope that you can ended your dream of swimming with whales as soon as possible.

C said: You are a wonderful mommy.

D said: You have a really unique kindness and friendliness.

Some classmates impounded me tightly … I announced very badly in the middle of the process, and my entire form is shaking. Unexpectedly I felt that my expects that no one saw me some days ago was just silly. I was enjoyed. All along.

Out of Yoga Teacher Training

So that’s what I’ve gleaned from the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Feb 2018 😛 TAGEND

Lots of humour, tie, sweat, vocals, nice deep sighs, charity, salving, transformation–physically, emotionally and mentally. Everyone who knows me “ve told me” I am different after it–in a good way. And many of them started to do yoga as well.

I had been a feeble girlfriend since infancy. And I never had any regular, punishment exercise–physical or mental. But ever since the Teacher Training, I’ve prevented practicing the primary streak then the projectile sequence almost daily for 6 months, then I acquired myself ready to transition to what I certainly desire the most–dance.

yoga teacher training


My self-esteem was improved, my girlfriend began doing yoga with me, my Instagram love unexpectedly increased, I got to do events that I never daydreamed of achieving with my figure and mind, and I started to hang out with different kinds of people–mostly yogis, martial artists, dancers and movers, who continue to motivate me to do even better employment opportunities in my own personal growing and in my work.

It seemed inconceivable to be a dancer, an master, or whatever crazy teenage dream errand at the age of 29, as a single mummy who just stopped being rootless and started to get income last year.

But thanks to the All Yoga Teacher Training, I perceived myself capable of doing almost everything I dreamed of.

And one year after the Yoga Teacher Training, I’m going back to Bali to start my brand-new life there, and conduct my own shop!

I could not imagine such enormous life without having attended the Yoga Teacher Training.

I’ll be forever grateful that I took this crazy decision to do it against all curious at that time, and even more grateful to have gathered Yoga–my lifelong marriage which will only spawn me a happier, healthier and wiser female as times go by.

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