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Practice from the Ground Up: Donald Moyer’s Teachings on the Feet

by Bridget

I’ve been sauntering more since March, when the San Francisco Bay Area’s shelter-in-place took effect. In pre-covid life, I tried to get out for a hike formerly a week, but now I hike almost every day. It get me( and the dog) out of the house for a good hour or two, and ensures that we’ll both sleep well. But moving so much better has me noticing inequalities in my person, reminding me that everything starts with the hoof. If your paw aren’t supporting you evenly , nothing else positions up quite right either.

Earlier this week a student mentioned an issue with her paw, and while be discussed with her on the telephone, I drew out Donald Moyer’s book Yoga for Healthy Feet: Practice from the Ground Up to see what he had to say about it. After the phone call, I picked up the book again resolved up rereading a good fraction of it in one sitting. His writing is much like his teaching: clearly articulated, with really the right amount of detail to help his students turn inward and start to unravel complex inner workings of their bodies.

He bursts the subject down into three different sections, and has been recommended that the book give some time with the first slouse, which discusses the chassis and alignment of the hoof and ankle. He memorandum how differently determined paws can indicate particular soft-tissue issues, and suggests soothing, solicitous ways to address each publication. The second segment introduces the “learning poses, ” which are mainly standing constitutes or modifications on direction with tolerate constitute determines, but he also includes a few sitting constitutes that have often been challenging for the feet. As he did in his schooling, he gently and methodically labours his room through all aspects of the constitute, particularly memo the specific work the remaining balance the paw. Eventually, area three is the beginning with a frequently asked questions segment, then goes into a series of practice strings, which utilize all of the poses described in the Learning Poses section.

I unquestionably recommend checking out Donald’s superb teaching style through his writing. You can purchase Yoga for Healthy Feet: Practice from the Ground Up at a number of independent booksellers, including Shambala, Powell’s, and Indie Bound. Do yourself a indulgence and pick up a duplicate!

Donald Moyer began practising yoga in 1971, teaching in 1974, and he founded The Yoga Room( in Berkeley, CA) in 1978. From 1976 -1 987, he studied extensively with B.K.S. Iyengar, in India and the United Position, and remained inspired by Iyengar’s work. Donald wrote the “Asana” column for Yoga Journal in 1987, 1989, and 1992. His bibles include Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body( 2006) and Yoga for Healthy Feet: Practice from the Ground Up( 2016 ). He was co-publisher at Rodmell Press from 1988 to 2016. Donald Moyer died on November 7, 2019. See

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