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Questioning Yoga Journal’s Reasoning Regarding Weight-Training


The yoga community tends to be a tad uninformed about human action& strength learn physiology, and when demonstrated yoga entities like Yoga Journal publish misinformed articles like this one, this doesn’t help affairs much!

This article facets a yoga string that is claimed to be “better than most weightlifting programs” for house muscle& strength.

And unfortunately, that assert simply isn’t true-blue and only serves to confuse people.

Weightlifting is actually much better than this yoga sequence for strengthening because unlike the yoga string, weightlifting exploits close to maximum force production& progressive overload, which are the ingredients you need for true-life strengthening.

And due to time limitations on this mini-post, I won’t go into how “strength” and “building muscle”( i.e. hypertrophy) are not actually the same thing, even if they are the YJ article lumps them together as though they’re interchangeable.

To be clear, the YJ sequence surely offers many benefits, but it is not significantly strengthening or muscle-building.

Now I know that it’s commonly used for parties to use the term “strengthening” loosely – I do this myself at times extremely!

But my main question with this article is the way it misleads parties into thinking that yoga is* better* than weightlifting for fortitude, which promotes the long-outdated idea that yoga is the only tradition we need to be healthy.

Yoga has many amazing advantages, and we are unable to even make it* strengthening* if we move some awareness additions& an amendment to it. But the sequence as put forward in the clause does not accomplish this , nor is it better in any way than weightlifting for strength.

Let’s be clear with our expressions so that people who really DO want to strengthen won’t be misled into thinking that cycles like this will do the trick!

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