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Shoulder Strengthening Beyond Chaturanga

Yoga is an amazing rehearsal in many ways, but one important happening about the practice that’s often forgot is the fact that it doesn’t strengthen our shoulders in a well-rounded way.

Just think about it: the prime shoulder-strengthening moves in a ordinary yoga practice are chaturanga, board pose, and maybe a handstand or two. 🙂 And considering all of the many( countless !) lanes that our shoulders can move and be strengthened, that is not really sufficient for truly strong shoulders.

This is why I’m more than stimulated about my brand new online shoulder-strengthening curriculum that really liberated! It’s announced 5 Weeks to Strong, Resilient Shoulder, and once you sign up for it, you’ll receive a 15 -2 0 minute rehearsal video emailed to you every 3 days for 5 weeks.

These practices are designed to strengthen the shoulders in all directions – and in both the pushing& attracting counselings( yay !!) The rehearsals build on one another progressively over the duration of the program, so that by the end, you will have significantly stronger, more pliable shoulders( and upper figure in general) than when you started.

You can sign up for my brand-new shoulders planned on its own for $59, or you can become an All-Content representative of my website ($ 25/ month) and you’ll automatically receive access to this new program, along with access to all other material on my website!( Isn’t that amazing ?)


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