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Stretching Misconceptions in the Yoga World


Does unfolding conclude our muscles longer? Does extending weaken our tissues and de-stabilize our joints? Can “overstretching” utter us lax ligaments? Does unfolding pertain enough stress to our tissues to clear them stronger?

There are a lot( a great deal !) of claims about extending that tend to move in the yoga community, and not all of these declarations are accurate! Did you know?

“Histology” is the branch of biology addressed with the study of the tissues of the body. And from what I can see in the yoga world-wide, many of the assertion that we hear about extending simply don’t razz with what histology/ science has revealed about the qualities of human connective material( including ligaments& tendons) and muscle tissue.

I actually appreciated it when the improbably knowledgeable Greg Lehman territory this mention I’ve featured here during his presentation to us at Jules Mitchell’s 300 -hr yoga teacher training that I recently completed. Thank you, Greg!

And for more clarity and some foundational science about straining, yoga, and which alleges are cool and which ones we should definitely retire, check out my brand-new online mini-workshop “How Stretching Affects the Tissues of the Torso! ”

See you in the workshop for some superb yoga geeky ascertain!

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