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Stretching & Strengthening Are Not Opposites


One of my most preferred topics to discuss with yogis is the fact that “stretching& strengthening are not opposites”. I frankly can’t think of another belief in the yoga nature that has caused as countless dissensions about their own bodies as the widespread impression that these two are binary terms.

For example, the idea that stretching& strengthening are antonyms leads to beliefs like 😛 TAGEND

-strength& opennes are opposites

-a muscle contraction is “balanced out” by stretching

-stretching* lengthens* our materials& strengthening* lessens* them

-we can re-align “bad posture” through elongating& strengthening

-stretching* debilitates* our muscles

-the human body is a 2D animal was comprised of oversimplified, black-and-white, dichotomous ties-in like these

Because there is so much to un-pack( and so many big-hearted yoga superstitions to bust) viewing stretching& strengthening not being inverses, I am more than provoked about my brand new 90-minute* online workshop * that’s available to watch anytime right here on my website!

There is SO much huge science-based info explained in simple, clear terms for yogis in this workshop. As my friend Hannah Stewart told me today, “You make such beautiful appreciation of all the things.” Awwww!

I’m frankly not inflating when I say this is my favorite continuing education workshop I’ve procreated yet.

Please let me know what you think if you watch it, yoga geeks!

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