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Taking a Sabbatical

by NinaThe Blank Page by Rene MagritteAfter more than seven years of managing, revising, and writing for this blog, it’s age for me to take a separate. So after much believe, I decided to take a sabbatical next year to work on my creative writing and some personal assignments. During that time, because it is just me “whos doing” all the day-to-day study that stirs this blog possible( look A Yoga Blog Without a Woman ), there will be no brand-new poles on the blog. Nonetheless, all the posts we’ve done since 2011 will still be accessible to you. And that’s 1769 announces! So if you haven’t been predicting daily since the very beginning, you will surely find lots of articles of interest now that are new to you. To look through the archives, you are able to plainly scroll down through the posts and “il be going back” in time. But you are able to use the searching implements to find poles by special people or on particular topics or even go back to the time period before you started predicting the blog. Visualize How to Search for informed on the three different ways to navigate through the archives.And if you want to keep following any of the staff members during this sabbatical, here’s where you can find us: Nina Zolotow: I’ll be playing around on a brand-new blog announced Delusiastic !. On that blog, you’ll find my prose poem, fiction, and imaginative non-fiction( some old-fashioned, some brand-new) along with some new yoga writing and my musing journal and the musing backing radical I wrote about in My Meditation Project. I have a hot mess in the best interests, so who knows what will happen. I will also continue to post some on the Yoga for Healthy Aging Facebook sheet so you can follow me there. But you can also friend me personally on Facebook.Baxter Bell: You can follow Baxter on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. His website is check workshops, retreats, and Yoga for Healthy Aging intenses for info on those events ). To sign up for his newsletter, depart here. Baxter will also be affixing on the Yoga for Healthy Aging Facebook page during the sabbatical, so you can also follow him there. Ram Rao: You can follow Ram on Facebook, email him at rrao2 006 @gmal. com, or follow his Ayurveda coaching program with CCA at And I have just became aware that Ram will be blogging regularly on the Accessible Yoga blog in the coming year.Beth Gibbs: For information on Beth Gibbs’ years and upcoming shops, learn Beth’s Classes and Workshops. For information about Beth, ProYoga Therapeutics, and Beth’s book and CD, identify Jivana Heyman: Jivana will be blogging regularly on the Accessible Yoga blog during the coming years. So check out this blog( which I’ve been helping out with lately) or even subscribe to it. You can also follow Jivana on Facebook and Instagram. See find Jivana’s Workshops and Trainings for upcoming workshops and training courses. For information on Accessible Yoga, hear and follow Accessible Yoga on Facebook and Instagram.Victor Dubin: You can follow Victor on Facebook and @victordubin on Instagram, interpret Victor’s upcoming workshops and training courses, and vistum Victor’s online yoga class videos.Jill Satterfield: You can follow Jill on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. For information about Jill’s castes, seminars, and hideaways, see Jill’s Classes, Workshops, and Retreats and School for Compassionate Action, and for information about Jill and Vajra Yoga . To sign up for Jill’s newsletter, disappear here.deg Follow Yoga for Healthy Aging on Facebook deg To line-up Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being, go to Amazon, Shambhala, Indie Bound or your regional bookstore.

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