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The 12 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand in 2019

There are plenty of reasons thousands flock to the culture-packed municipalities, strange jungles, and dazing beaches of Thailand for their Yoga Teacher Trainings. Thailand is home to the notorious Full Moon Party, splendid cascades, culture-rich parishes, daring zip-lines, and amazing view-points. Not simply do you get a smell of what it’s like to travel to a brand-new and exciting country, but Thailand has some of the BEST Yoga Teacher Trainings in countries around the world. Whether your goal is to deepen your yoga practice, learn how to teach, challenge your spirit and person, or even find yourself- with over 80 schoolings in Thailand, you’re sure to find the one for you.

There are plenty of reasons thousands flock to the culture-packed metropolis, tropical jungles, and stunning seas of Thailand for their Yoga Teacher Trainings. Thailand is home to the far-famed Full Moon Party, stately cascades, culture-rich communities, daring zip-lines, and amazing view-points. Not exclusively do you get a smell of what it’s like to travel to a new and exciting country, but Thailand has some of the BEST Yoga Teacher Trainings in the world. Whether your goal is to deepen your yoga practice, learn how to educate, challenge your thinker and organization, or even find yourself- with over 80 develops in Thailand, you’re sure to find the one for you.



All Yoga Training Thailand

Koh Phangan, Thailand $2950 USD( early bird price)


Vikasa Yoga Academy

Koh Samui, Thailand $4,000 USD


Ananda Yoga Detox

Koh Phangan, Thailand $2,200-3,750 USD( differs upon adaptation)


Yoga Nisarga

Phuket, Thailand $1,818- 3,637 USD( runs upon adaptation)


La Casa Shambala

Koh Phangan, Thailand $2,200-4,300 USD( alternates upon housing)


Yoga Vidya Mandiram

Chiang Mai, Thailand $1,799-2,350 USD( runs upon accommodation)


Pujan Yoga

Koh Phangan, Thailand $2,250 USD


Sama Karuna

Koh Phangan, Thailand $2,694 USD( diversifies upon adaptation, volunteering)


Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat

Koh Samui, Thailand $4,554-6394 USD( differs upon accommodation)


One Yoga

Koh Phangan, Thailand $1,995 USD( housing not included)


Marina Yoga

Krabi, Thailand $2,022 USD( toll not including adaptations)


ULU Yoga at Bounty Resort

Koh Phangan, Thailand $1,899-5,799 USD( price differs on adaptation)

1. All Yoga Training Thailand

all yoga teacher training

Okay apparently I’m biased- I graduated from All Yoga in May 2018 and it was one of best available events of my life! After fully researching for over two months, this is the place I decided to go and I have no regrets!

All Yoga Training’s central focus is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Ashtanga mean’s’ 8 extremities ‘, which you will study alongside the physical tradition; Vinyasa is pairing sigh with advance. This form of yoga really aligned with what I generally did on my own matted at home or in categories. They also educate Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy/ Physiology, and meditation- often with special guest schoolteachers floating in. All Yoga’s core group of educators are very experienced, versed, patient, and respectful. They make sure to conclude you feel right at home while simultaneously procreating you push yourself and sweat! The curriculum is very comprehensive and can be found on their website.

As far as accommodations- All Yoga stipulates a free dorm for the first 10 people to sign up. If you’re not among the first 10 don’t worry, the dorm at the Beam is very inexpensive- you are able to stay in one of their traditional or modern bungalows. As nice as the bungalows are, I recommend the dorm since it allows you to bail with the fellow students and originate unforgettable know-hows. I was also very drawn to the authentic feel the dorms had- much more exciting than staying at a pristin used. I truly felt like I got to experience Thailand the lane it was appropriate to! Set in a luxuriant forest right up from the most stunning sea, All Yoga offers the best of both worlds. This course genuinely has it all and is the perfect a better balance between hard work and fun- you’ll walk out with your authorization with enough trust and vitality to start coaching!

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $2950 USD( early bird rate) Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Offers: 200/ hr+ 300/ hr Certificate Length: 23 Date Website:

2. Vikasa Yoga Academy

vikasa academy yoga teacher training

Vikasa Yoga is based on individual growth and spiritual developing. Many skills are practised, but all follow the Vikasa core values. The general suggestion behind training programs, is that every student is individual, working on personal raise while simultaneously being part of a like-minded group that should contribute to the betterment of the world while being part a of it , not going against it. Hatha, vinyasa, asana, mantras, and more will be taught during this training. The coaches at Vikasa are all from different backgrounds, offering different insight to allow proliferation. Founder, Konstantin Miachin, has various knowledge of yoga having been participating in several different teaches across the globe, even being initiated by a Monk in a consecrated service!

The cost of this course includes airfield pick-up, a special meal-plan designed for optimal health, route cloths, Wifi, access to the infinity kitty, massage spa, gym, and of course your credential. The apartments you’ll find at the retreat are modern-meets-traditional, clean, and varying in different levels of simple-minded comfort. The focus is not on textile items, nonetheless all of the areas they offer are quite superb! Take a look at them here.

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand Price: $4,000 USD Style: Vikasa Offers: 200/ hr Certificate Length: 28 Period Website:

3. Ananda Yoga Detox

ananda detox yoga teacher training

Ananda Pure Yoga is another phenomenal grooming located in beautiful Koh Phangan. They will teach you the basics of meditation, pranayamas, bandahs, and the foundations of yoga. This learning has one of the most comprehensive tasks hopes out there, beginning with the the basics, moving through teaching readings, and ceasing with business grades on how to market yourself in the ever-growing world of yoga.

Not merely do they have a great exercise strategy, they also have wonderful adaptations! Included in the training toll are three free vegetarian meals a day! It’s hard to find a learn that will feed you nourishing meat for free. They too give on-site bedrooms, including dorms, that are very clean and scenic. Guided by Johnny Nesselo from the United States, this training supports versed and diverse teachers who are willing to go the extra mile enabling you to find your inner voice.

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $2,200 -3, 750 USD( alternates upon housing) Style: Hatha/ Vinyasa Offers: 200, 300, 500/ hr Certificate Length: 28 Day Website:

4. Yoga Nisarga

nisarga yoga teacher training

Rejuvenate and proliferate at Yoga Nisarga’s dazing point in Phuket. With it’s mountainous ocean sentiments, one can imagine why people incline to Yoga Nisarga’s breathtaking accommodations. Tolls for such courses vary based on what type of office you choose- from modern to eco-friendly, all with beautiful ocean notions. Their rate also includes meals( vegetarian options available ), high-speed Wifi, a date jaunt, airport pick-up, and a Thai massage!

Practice Ashtanga Vinyasa, musing, adjusting, and more under the helpful eyes of their experienced coaches. Yoga Nisarga appreciates the spiritual line-up of yoga, focusing on the recollection as well as their own bodies, so you are sure to leave a different person than when you arrived.

Location: Phuket, Thailand Price: $1,818 – 3,637 USD( runs upon accommodation) Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Offers: 200/ hr Certificate Length: 23 Epoch Website:

5. La Casa Shambala

la casa shambala yoga teacher training

Fully immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle at La Casa Shambala, another qualify taking advantage of Koh Phangan’s beautiful humid paradise. Study Hatha and Vinyasa spurt while developing your own form of coaching. Learn anatomy, physiology, and business ethics that will give you an additional edge up the ever-growing macrocosm of yoga. One of the best benefits of this programme is that there are only 15 students countenanced each grooming, signifying you are able to get more one-on-one time with the instructors!

The bungalows offered at La Casa Shambala are absolutely idyllic- originating you feel at one with the forest around you! The price above including the entire 29 Day course, whichever bungalow you have selected, an organic/ vegan food buffet, Wifi, pick-up from Thong Sala, a photo-shoot, and even a yoga mat! Hard to beat all of those accommodations! Make a more holistic coming to yoga, find yourself, your internal conciliation, and gain the knowledge you need to become a merciful yoga teacher at La Casa Shambala!

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $2,200 -4, 300 USD( alternates upon adaptation) Style: Hatha& Vinyasa Offers: 200/ hr Certificate Length: 18 or 29 Era Website:

6. Yoga Vidya Mandiram

vidya mandiram yoga teacher training

Looking for a traditionally bred immersive know-how? Yoga Vidya Mandiram was founded in India, where they host several educations a year, simply billing as much as the course cost to run without making any profit. Chiang Mai is a culture rich, bustling city in Northern Thailand. This planned is for anyone looking to study in the most traditional yogic wording, focusing heavily on mantras, meditations, morning prayers, weekend temple excursions, devotional anthems, and yoga vegetarian meals.

Hosted by Maewin Guesthouse& Resort, “youve been” training in Thailand’s harmonious countryside, sleeping in a usual two-story wooden Thai house situated on a private Thai family farm. You’ll have serene the opinions of the prodigious farmland, woods, and Chiang Mai’s breathtaking mountain range from the house, and are a short distance from prodigious waterfalls, hikes, elephant temples, and more. Yoga Vidya Mandiram’s knowledgeable professors have expended their lives in conventional Ashram and Gurukulams clearing yoga and reflection their sole purpose, and teaching from the ancient texts. This is by far the most traditional, authentic practise in Thailand!

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand Price: $1,799 -2, 350 USD( differs upon housing) Style: Traditional Hatha& Ashtanga Vinyasa Offers: 200, 300, 500/ hr Certificate Length: 22 Period Website:

7. Pujan Yoga

pujan yoga teacher training

Led by husband and wife power-couple, Pujan and Betty, the two have over 30 years of ordeal and several different wordings of training. Swami Pujan was qualified as a psychologist and brings a western mental mindset to the teachings of yoga in order to constitute them more comprehensible and relatable. Betty has been trained by some of the founding fathers of yoga, including Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois! To say you are in competent mitts would be an understatement. They will learn you the asanas, meditation, and scriptures in a well-structured direction, unearthed instantly on the coast at their private villa. You’ll be able to work up a sweat practising and then jump into the ocean or fund! All of the rooms supported have surprising sea-side views and are particularly comfortable.

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $2,250 USD Style: Hatha Offers: 200, 300/ hr Certificate Length: 22 Epoch Website:

8. Sama Karuna

sama karuna yoga teacher training

Awarded 2018′ s Best Yoga Teacher Training Course, Sama Karuna is one of the top-notch instructs for those looking for a non-dogmatic route. They are open to any and all doctrines, paragons, and ethics. Same Karuna is also one of the only groomings that allows you to stay for a free yoga internship educating asanas, and also concessions you a lifetime of free yoga world-class at their institution. Pinpointed in yoga-hub Koh Phangan, they also volunteer glistening ocean sentiments, free dormitories, or private bungalows.

Definitely one of the best perk this academy offers, is the chance to voluntary in their own communities. You will be able to volunteer the neighbourhood Organic Farm, Animal Welfare Center, or even help with the school gardening, passing out flyers, or preceding Free Hug campaigns! Not simply will you be giving back to the community, you are able to also receive 20% off your sign-up rate! The professors at Same Karuna all have different backgrounds in course, creating a versatile Program.

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $2,694 USD( varies upon housing, volunteering) Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Offers: 200, 300/ hr Certificate, Free Internship, Free Lifetime yoga classifies Length: 28 Days Website:

9. Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat

centered yoga teacher training

Centered Yoga is one of a long time perpetually flowing yoga teacher trainings in the field, having started their courses in 1999. Both a mix of the modern and conventional, you’ll find yourself doing Raja, Hatha, Vinyasa, and asana, while at the same time learning dissection and physiology. Centered Yoga appraises the knowledge and force, offering numerous exercises for both including chanting, mantras, meditation, and even psychology lessons.

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, the housings at Samahita Retreat offer exactly that. The offices are very clean, modern, airy, eco-friendly, and of course- right on the beach! The rate for such courses is all-inclusive, giving you access to all the amenities at the departure, including the buffet.

This course is led by the highly experienced, Paul Dallaghan, who has been rehearsing yoga and musing for over 30 years! He has lived in Thailand for many years and was one of the few to actually develop under Pattabhi Jois, living in Mysore and going certified by him. You won’t find more know-how than that!

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand Price: $4,554 -6 394 USD( runs upon accommodation) Style: Vinyasa& Hatha Offers: 200, 300, 500, 1100/ hr Certificate Length: 29 Daylight Website:

10. One Yoga

one yoga teacher training

At One Yoga you’ll open your date with doubled musing is presided over by your unique and suffered yoga schoolteachers. Now you will be informed about both modern and traditional yoga, while contemplating anatomy, philosophy, and physiology. Though adaptations are not supported, One Yoga will freely help you rectify them up! They actually do have a guest house five minutes away on bike, and have countless options displayed on their place for you to choose from in the area.

One Yoga’s main goal is to guide you to a healthier inner self; to allow you to let go of external both problems and places great importance on healing or expanding the internal you! Onetime students rave about the Pranayama Garden, and the sense of charity and society they feel at One Yoga. It’s the perfect assortment of physical practise, mental tradition, and island merriment!

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $1,995 USD( adaptation not included) Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin Offers: 200/ hr Certificate Length: 27 Date Website:

11. Marina Yoga

marine yoga teacher training

How does yoga on the coast reverberate? At Marina Yoga you will be staying in colorful bungalows, learning the holistic the terms and conditions of Reiki, and doing yoga on the beach. Krabi is one of Thailand’s most popular islands because of it’s beautiful seas and fun atmosphere. With only 12 students countenanced at every instruct, you are sure to get the attention and opening you need! Such small classes offers real one-on-one time with the teachers, as well as a life-coach!

Marina Yoga coaches various types of yoga: Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and even Restorative. Ever been to a Sound Healing session? Marina Yoga has them. They too have Shamanistic Drum Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, and give blessings at a Local Temple for your Spiritual Journey. For a bit additional, you can even get your Level 1 Reiki Healing Certification. They’ve got it all!

Location: Krabi, Thailand Price: $2,022 USD( rate not including housings) Style: Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative- Teaches Reiki Offers: 200/ hr Certificate Length: 27 Days Website:

12. ULU Yoga at Bounty Resort

ulu bounty resort yoga teacher training

Let’s end on a enjoyable record! ULU Yoga is one of Thailand’s most popular YogaTeacher Trainings. Here you’ll experience traditional yoga like Hatha and Iyengar, and classy yoga like Aerial, Acro, and SUP. Where will you be rehearsing? On thebeach, in the ocean, and in the sky of course! Flip around in the air or hover overthe sea as you suffer the rapture of Aerial yoga in ULU’s own pattern of YogaHammocks. They even have an acrobatic black-light show with form make-up! Notonly are the practices super merriment, the adaptations are incredible.

Bounty Resort is an absolute treasure. You’ll have your own private beach, shala with ocean examines, freshening swimming bath, luxuriant green gardens, andaccess to snorkeling and more! You opt which cliff-side office you canafford, but they all have Wifi, hot water, private lavatories, and balconies. Theyalso add a delicious diner, vegan/ vegetarian options, and are nearbyshops and coffeehouse. ULU Yoga is definitely the training to go to if you are lookingfor something different, loosen, fun, and instructive!

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand Price: $1,899 -5, 799 USD( cost alternates on accommodation) Style: Multi-Style! Offers: 200/ hr Certificate or 50/ hr Aerial Certificate Length: 21 or 28 Daylight Website:

With so many different Yoga Teacher Trainings to choose from, it can be hard figuring out which one is right for you. Recollect to listento your head and middle, do your research, and trust your intestine. Any of these 12 trains would be a great place to start! At the end it’s not about theaccommodations; it’s about the experience and the learning that you gainfrom your teaches, and those around you. Good prosperity on your excursion toThailand, and to ascertaining a practice that works for you!

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