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The Secret To Relieving Back Pain; It May Not Be Your Fault

Ancient And Indigenous Cultures Know the Answer, Do You?

Back pain afflicts an estimated 75 – 85 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. Often, little can be done to alleviate or treat even mild, chronic symptoms. Turns out, this is a relatively new human ailment…and it doesn’t ail all cultures. Ok, that’s not fair! What’s the deal?

Turns out, our spines have actually changed shape and taken a turn for the worse. Ancient peoples had healthier spines and less incidences of back pain, which carried forward into some modern-day cultures. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with most Western cultures.

NPR’s, Michaleen Doucleff, learns more about how this shift happened and what we can turn to reverse evolution from expert, Esther Gokhale.

Learn about what you can do to reverse the causes of back pain. 

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