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Welcome Back!

by NinaAbove the Fog by Brad GibsonI started this blog route back in 2011, having no idea what it would become or where it would produce me. Initially, it was a project thoughts by three of us, me, my husband, Brad Gibson, and our friend Baxter Bell. We simply felt between us we had so much useful information to share about yoga, aging, and yoga for health age that we should start sharing it!( See In the Kitchen .) In the end, the blog led to a journal batch for Baxter and me and quite a number of adherents, some of whom I’ve been hearing from recently.Over the years, several other novelists came on board, some temporarily and some permanently, and Brad kind of faded into the background, though he’s always been there when I needed opinion. Then, at the end of 2018, after seven years of blogging, I decided it was time for a disruption. This end was interesting and beneficial for many of us–I got a book deal to write a new volume, which I’ll tell you about below–but some of us too recognized we missed sharing we what know and what we’re thinking about with all of you out there. And with this pandemic, it seemed more important than ever to provide free, helpful information about styles yoga can be used to cultivate physical, mental, and psychological health as well as peace of mind. So we decided to restart the blog again. Here’s our current staff: Nina Zolotow is returning as Editor in Chief and boasted contributor.Bridget Frederick is returning in new character. As our Acquisitions Editor, she’ll be in charge of selecting and posting practice videos contributed by our books on our blog and maintaining our YouTube channel. She’ll tell you more about this soon.Beth Gibbs is returning as a featured contributor. You’ll be hearing from her soon about what she’s been up to and what she projects are for upcoming articles.Ram Rao is returning as a featured contributor. You’ll be hearing from him soon as well about what he’s been up to and what his proposals are for upcoming articles.In addition to these returning staff member, we will have three brand-new novelists on our staff. Sandy Blaine, Leza Lowitz, and Barrie Risman will all make a positive contribution articles on a regular basis. They will soon be introducing themselves to you. Ultimately, a number of brand-new scribes have offered to provide periodic sections( if you’d like to do this, very, contact me at nina @wanderingmind. com) so you can look forward to hearing some fresh articulations in the weeks to come.With a different personnel, the blog will be evolving. We won’t be so focused on topics related to aging or medical conditions, although they may come up. Instead, you can think of this blog as simply being about yoga for real life, with age, of course, being an important part of that. We likewise plan to post time three days a week, instead of five.For those who are wondering what I was up to during the break, I’m happy to announce that my journalist at Shambhala Publications asked me if I wanted to write a book for them. The idea I came up with–which I sloped to her during the summer of 2019–was a volume about yoga for adjust to and countenancing vary. Shambahla adoration the idea and in the early days of the pandemic they offered me a bargain for a book tentatively entitled “Yoga for Times of Change.” By then, of course, we were all going through a big change together, so my topic, seemed more relevant than ever. At this moment, I’m still deep in the midst of writing the book, but no doubt you’ll examine some affixes on some of the topics I’ll be covering in the book. And if you have a good story about how yoga has helped you navigate through physical, feeling, mental, or societal change, please let me know.And for those of you who were following my meditation project, after six months of regular pattern and weekly reports on my daily rehearsal on my personal blog Delusiastic, I was able to establish a daily dres of reflecting that I’m still maintaining. In fact, I’m meditating now seven days a few weeks and for longer periods of time. I picture the public commitment I made to commit to this practice was actually very helpful so a big thanks to all of you who supported me. You knows where to find poles about the first six months of my musing tradition on Delusiastic, where I also published a number of one-sentence fibs and imaginative non-fiction pieces.I’ll wrap up by saying that I’m writing this at a very difficult time. Not merely is the pandemic still raging in the US, but the state that I call dwelling, California, has been on fire for weeks. During this period, my tradition has been invaluable. I meditate every day and also tradition 20 minutes of Legs Up the Wall pose daily. I also rehearsal asanas to cultivate strength, flexibility, equilibrium, and agility, especially on those dates when the air quality is too poor for me to take a walk. I too find ease in studying yoga philosophy. I hope that members can, more, are finding yoga supportive during these challenging durations.

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