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What To Do On Nusa Lembongan – Best Activities

Where to go for the day off in YTT: Lembongan activities tip-off

I stayed in Lembongan for 2 more weeks after the Bali teacher training, and I live in Bali now. So I got to enjoy all the amazing tasks that this island of Idol plies. Here I wish to share some of them with you 😛 TAGEND

1. Swimming and Diving( snorkel, scuba diving, freediving)

All yoga YTT is located title next to the beach where I swam every noon to cool myself down it is a perfect spot–not wavy , not too deep. Our classmates went for swimmings quite often together right outside the classroom.

I’m an advanced open irrigate diver, and did my freediving training in Amed Bali. I’ve dived in the most beautiful marine park Menjangan island in the north of Bali, in the sunken ship in Tulamben, but Lembongan and its surround are simply the best.

You can enjoy the crystal-clear water and play with the fishes at Crystal bay, or swim with the stunning soothing giants–manta lights, or take a look at the buddha statues underwater near Penida island, or simply enjoy the shallow waters near the mangrove … but whatever you choose, it’s going to be an memorable knowledge of a lifetime for you.

Scuba diving makes you further to see the feeding time of mantas, at a deeper sit. But actually, if you are ok with beckons, “youre seeing” them quite easily and close up from the distance while snorkelling or freediving as well–the price of the latter is much smaller.

If you are lucky, you are able to participate mola-mola. The thing to note is that one single fell of sun cream can destroy 1m2 of coral reefs. If you too care about the future of this beautiful place and the amazing marine ecosystem here, satisfy do not wear any compound products on your scalp before going into the ocean, peculiarly where there are coral reefs.

best activities nusa lembongan yoga teacher training

YTT teacher, classmate and I freediving near mangrove place to see the buddha statue

2. Kayaking/ canoe

If you are scared to go in the liquid, or if you wish to enjoy a shiftles epoch exploring the surrounding, then a kayak can be a great choice. I made my 4-year-old girl to the kayak twice, enjoying the sluggish wander pattern of the kayak on the rivers among mangroves. She did all the paddling. I really closed my noses and let the music romp, then slowly fell asleep. Very rarely a kayak passed by.

The inexplicable vigor and sounds of bugs of the mangrove is soothing and nourishing, just like an ancient lullaby. What a great thing to do with your loved one!

best activities nusa lembongan yoga teacher training

3. SUP yoga–stand up paddle board

You can also choose a SUP for exploring the mangrove or the peaceful sea near there–it’s less stable than a kayak, but more challenging, hence more amusing! SUP yoga is a good thing to do too. You can measure how stable and strong your poses are

best activities nusa lembongan yoga teacher training

4. Jumping off the Blue Lagoon Cliff

For the crazier people, Ceningan–the island next to Lembongan, also offers an eliciting undertaking: Cliff leap!

There are 2 smudges where you can climb from. One is at a restaurant. Another is at a cliff with no lives around. I picked the latter. A storey happened with that startle, which I shared with my classmates and touched a lot of them 😛 TAGEND

After saying goodbye to my lovely classmates with distaste, I making a decision do yoga by the blue lagoon cliffs who the hell is away from the crowd.

Accidentally, I attained a 10 -meter cliff that I could jump off into the sea.

The jump itself was freshening and amazing.

best activities nusa lembongan yoga teacher training

Manta Ray’s goodbye

After jumping from the cliff and clambering up from the ridge, I clambered ashore. Follow the inner guide to anther cliff.

Under the gentle hypnotize of the sunshine, I naturally took off all the clothes, experiencing the caress of the sea breeze and coming naked under the sun. I got lost in the pleasure of unfold all cells in different yoga poses.

At some pitch, I abruptly noticed a huge black shadow on the sea in front of me. My firstly reaction was- that is impossible!

But this is obviously true-blue. There is a manta ray!!! They usually only appear at a certain point on small island developing of Penida, a dozen of kilometers away, and they are usually in groups.

I have never seen a huge manta ray, traveling alone so close to the sea. And seemed like it exclusively curved in front of me, and sometimes promoted its white-hot backstages, as if it’s waving goodbye to me.

best activities nusa lembongan yoga teacher training

The moment I heard it, I couldn’t help but crying. I can’t figure out why I was so feeling at that moment, I merely known better I haven’t cried so long after I secreted it. I cried so long and exhaustively. It seems that many years of icebergs have melted at that moment.

Saying goodbye is what I am least good at. No problem if itis something good, orbad.

In the shaman institution, the manta ray represents the ability to sail gracefully in the undulating feeling oceans. I still remember the stage of leading free diving with the manta rays in the middle of YTT with our schoolteacher and classmates.

As soon as we entered the water, we were surrounded by a large group of giant manta rays and the jellyfish they eat. The classmates around me are afraid of death and accommodated my wrist tightly. They are so close to us and they swim so fast. Their whereabouts are so weird and flexible. I often have to adjust, otherwise I feel like I will smack them face to face.

Manta lights are large and heavy, they are used to living in the rough seas, but their posture of sliding in the sea is so elegant, beautiful, effortless, and gentle. Some divers will touch them, or inadvertently kick them, they won’t be angry or attack at all, they will exclusively swim apart slowly.

In the days when I experienced emotional collapse, I ever was just thinking about the grandeur of the manta rays. That magical feeling gave me peace.

At this moment, when I saw this manta rays from the high cliff, I exclusively thought it was an angel sent by God to teach me to say goodbye. I unexpectedly were of the view that I was so enjoyed. At the same time, I is also of the view the strong desire to express love.

I thought that enjoy is so unreal, so difficult, but at this moment, this manta ray tells me: adore is real, as true as my existence.

Every time I wonder if I am being desired, nature will give me a signal- typically an animal, to tell me that you are adoration firmly. The seemingly airless love that you feel is real. Like the manta ray in front of me now.

best activities nusa lembongan yoga teacher training

This epiphany of love defrosted the sparkler wall that I built inside, violate all skepticisms and impure things, and triggered my core as strongly as the climax of making love, telling me deafeningly and tenderly 😛 TAGEND

You are loved.

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